Young Physicians

2019 YPS Annual Meeting highlights

Young physicians from across the country discussed priority issues and worked on shaping American Medical Association policy during this year’s AMA Young Physicians Section (AMA-YPS) Annual Meeting.


The AMA-YPS forwarded two items of business to the House of Delegates Resolution 027: Model Legislation for ‘Mature Minor’ Consent to Vaccinations and Resolution 532: Dispelling Myths of Bystander Opioid Overdose.

In addition, the AMA-YPS had four other items of business being considered in the HOD:

  • Resolution 402: Bullying in the Practice of Medicine
  • Resolution 403: White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
  • Resolution 502: Destigmatizing the Language of Addiction
  • Resolution 702: Peer Support Groups for Second Victims

Policy highlights

Review and download the YPS delegates' report for the 2019 YPS Annual Meeting.

C. Clayton Griffin, MD, Memorial Luncheon

During the AMA-YPS C. Clayton Griffin, MD, Memorial Luncheon, US Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, MD provided an inspirational and informative talk. He discussed a wide range of topics including his efforts to fight the opioid epidemic, reduce stigma and ensure patient access to life-saving naloxone.


Lastly, the AMA-YPS elected Toluwalase (Lase) Ajayi, MD as chair-elect and L. Carlos Zapata, MD as speaker.