Young Physicians

Young Physicians Section (YPS) policymaking


Members of the Young Physicians Section (YPS) have a unique opportunity to shape AMA policy and action on issues that affect young physicians, their practices and their patients.

New to the policymaking process? Access our education module, How AMA Policy is Made, to learn how YPS members influence the AMA’s policymaking efforts.

The YPS Assembly meets biannually (June and November) to consider resolutions and reports on issues of interest to young physicians and to elect the YPS Governing Council. YPS representatives are the voting members of the Assembly and are appointed by state and specialty medical societies, federal services, national medical specialty organizations, and professional interest medical associations. Learn more about how to become a YPS representative.

YPS representatives may submit resolutions for consideration at the Annual (June) and Interim (November) Meetings of the YPS Assembly. The resolution submission deadline is April 30 for the Annual Meeting and Sept. 30 for the Interim Meeting. Submit resolutions and direct questions to [email protected].

Submit a volunteer application form to serve on these policy-related committees: 

  • Reference Committee: Plays an integral role in the YPS policymaking process by gleaning and explicating the will of the YPS Assembly.
  • HOD Handbook Review Committee: Guides YPS review of items of business under consideration by the AMA House of Delegates.
  • Credentials Committee: Performs credentialing verification of young physicians selected to represent their state or specialty medical societies and other eligible organizations.