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Resident & Student Health

Student SOS: 6 ways to avoid “distress” in medical school

Studies show nearly 50 percent of medical students experience burnout. Take time to learn the key signs of “student distress,” so you can boost well-being during medical school.

Hunter M. Pattison, MD, an emergency medicine resident


Members Move Medicine: An advocate for local, national peers

AMA member Hunter Pattison, MD, is an emergency medicine resident who sees the impact of organized medicine at the local, national and specialty levels.

Tamaan K. Osbourne-Roberts, MD


Members Move Medicine: Treating patients, shaping policy

AMA member and family physician Tamaan K. Osbourne-Roberts, MD, sees policymaking an extension of Hippocratic Oath’s call to apply “all measures which are required.”


AMA Foundation Board Members

Top doctors

Physician Health

Every doctor you’ve admired has dealt with burnout

Seven high-achieving doctors talk about their experiences with physician burnout. Learn their advice for addressing physician burnout.

Six honorees for Women in Medicine event

Medical School Diversity

6 women awarded for research on gender bias in medical training

Two research projects will explore timely issues related to women in medicine—gender bias in medical student evaluations and why women leave medicine during training years.


Members Move Medicine: “A chance to make a difference every day”

AMA member Shilpen Patel, MD, is a physician leader, patient advocate, medical researcher and new technology developer.

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