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What you need to change your patients’ lifestyles in 2019

In 2018, there was increasing emphasis on lifestyle change for chronic disease prevention. Here is what you need to know to change your patients’ lifestyles.

Press Releases

MAG & AMA promoting program to prevent type 2 diabetes

The MAG and the AMA launched a collaborative effort designed to prevent type 2 diabetes by encouraging physicians in Georgia to screen applicable patients for prediabetes.

Press Releases

Prediabetes campaign: 1 in 3 in U.S. has prediabetes, learn your risk

On World Diabetes Day 2018, the AMA, the CDC and the Ad Council continue the fight against type 2 diabetes.

Barbara L. McAneny, MD at 2018 AMA Interim Meeting

Interim Meeting

AMA president: Create system that values health over money, power

AMA President Barbara L. McAneny, MD, says the AMA is fighting the forces that make the U.S. health system so dysfunctional.

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Why some patients don't take prediabetes seriously

How you can help patients see the need for immediate action and connect them with the right resources for diabetes prevention.

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9 CME activities to help you improve chronic disease management

These online CME activities offer educational insights on nutrition, diabetes prevention, hypertension control, practice redesign and more.

Blood pressure monitoring can go a long way. The AMA website provides resources to help.

Payment & Delivery Models

Up your MIPS score by tallying efforts to prevent chronic disease

Two step-by-step guides help doctors score well under the 2018 Merit-based Incentive Payment System for what they do to prevent heart disease and diabetes.

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7 steps to get prediabetic patients the preventive help they need

Find out how to implement effective prediabetes screening and diabetes-prevention referral workflows in your practice.

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