Writing a name on a nametag


How diseases get defined and why it matters

What’s in a name? A lot, in fact. Explore examples of how naming in health care can affect treatments, payment and the patient experience.

A patient making a selection on a satisfaction survey


3 legitimate concerns about patient-experience surveys

Patient-satisfaction measures are important drivers of value-based care initiatives, but they aren’t always appropriate or reliable sources of data. Learn when to be skeptical.

A person's hands typing information into a laptop.


Your patient wants to be a medical tourist—6 things you should do

Physicians should be prepared on how to respond when a patient asks for advice before a trip for treatment or seeks follow-up care after coming back. Learn to navigate these unique ethical challenges in medical tourism.



How health care myths can hurt patients

The online mountain of health content hasn’t put a damper on the proliferation of false beliefs. What should physicians do to stem the tide of medical myths?



How physicians should approach hard calls involving child patients

Some of the most difficult medical decisions involve minor patients who may be unable to have a say in their own care. The AMA offers ethical guidance.

Teams should work together utilizing each members' skill, expertise and role.

Payment & Delivery Models

4 tips to be a better physician team leader

For team-based care to succeed, the team has to function ethically and effectively. Those objectives are achievable, but require physician leadership aware of how to promote both.

Wall of television monitors aglow with media broadcasting


When the news media calls, keep these 4 things in mind

A physician appearing on a news show isn’t just another talking head. Learn how to maintain your own integrity, and that of the medical profession, when taking part in the media.

Person picking out an apple


Examining the ethics of what’s on your patients’ dinner table

Complex ethical issues surround food systems, which affect nutrition and health outcomes. Learn more about these ethical issues and the physician’s role.

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