Press Releases

AMA: New online education to help physicians promote firearm safety

New educational module aims to assist physicians in effectively communicating with patients about reducing the risk of firearm injury and death.

Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH

Population Care

Navy veteran: The AMA stands up for LGBTQ people in the military

Fight to make service open to all continues. A physician leader and combat veteran highlights AMA’s advocacy for vets and LGBTQ people in the military.

Leadership Viewpoints

Confronting harassment within medicine head on

The AMA House of Delegates took unanimous action on the issue, reaffirming the Association’s age-old commitment to equity, fairness and respect.


DO and MD licensing exams should be viewed equally, says AMA

As DO and MD residency programs come under the same umbrella for accreditation, their licensing exams should carry equal weight.

Press Releases

New AMA policies adopted on final day of 2018 Interim Meeting

The AMA House of Delegates adopted new policies on the final day of its 2018 Interim Meeting.

Two delegates consulting at 2018 AMA Interim Meeting

Public Health

AMA: Fix hospital eligibility criteria for drug-discount program

Outpatient charity care should determine 340B program eligibility as part of a revised formula for the federal program, physicians say.

Public Health

Stronger background-check system needed for gun purchases

States should require relevant mental health records be reported to national database, the AMA says.

Overview of House of Delegates at 2018 AMA Interim Meeting

Patient Support & Advocacy

8 ways to promote affordable access to high-value care

Cost concerns too often prevent patients from pursing evidence-based care their doctors recommend. The AMA details tools, insurance plan designs and advocacy initiatives that can help.

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