Collection of healthy food in the shape of a heart


What you need to change your patients’ lifestyles in 2019

In 2018, there was increasing emphasis on lifestyle change for chronic disease prevention. Here is what you need to know to change your patients’ lifestyles.

Man measuring his blood pressure at home


BP-control success story starts in patient homes

This health center improved its hypertension-control rate by 30 percent. Find out more about how at-home blood pressure readings added to the success.


3 foods your patients with high BP should avoid

Find out the biggest food culprits for too much sodium and discover where to learn more nutritional information to help improve your patients’ health.



Secret to BP control success in practice: Medical assistants

This health center improved its hypertension-control rate by 28 percent. Find out more about the key role that MAs played in their success.

A physician taking a patient's blood pressure.


5 barriers to hypertension control: What they are and how to address them

To improve patient outcomes, it is important for physicians to understand the barriers to effective hypertension control and how to address them. Learn more.



BP guideline, 1 year later: 4 patient groups see biggest impact

Nearly half of U.S. adults have hypertension, says the ACC/AHA BP guideline. Learn more about the patients most affected and who need your help.

Patient getting blood pressure measured


3 steps to achieve BP control in your patients

Nearly 37 million Americans have uncontrolled hypertension. Learn the keys you need to implement in your practice to get patients’ BP under control.

Person holding heart-shaped stethoscope


More than 800 practices recognized for BP-control efforts

Over 100 million U.S. adults have high blood pressure, and less than half have it under control.

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