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In Age of Digital Crime, Old Motto Applies: Be Prepared

Work out your cybersecurity game plan before an attack. Follow this advice to get started.

When done with proper guidelines, studying in groups can help medical students thrive on their USMLE exams.

Sometimes patients have trouble correctly measuring their blood pressure, or fail to do it when they should. Your practice can help them overcome these common challenges.

A famous name in U.S. health care is taking on this persistent challenge with a combination of wellness efforts and systems-oriented fixes.

In the article titled “Effect of Tumor-Treating Fields Plus Maintenance Temozolomide vs Maintenance Temozolomide Alone on Survival in Patients With Glioblastoma: A Randomized Clinical Trial” published in the December 19, 2017, issue of JAMA, an author’s name was spelled incorrectly (Jordi Bruna, MD) in the author list and a data error occurred in Table 2, in the between-group difference and confidence intervals for the year-1 survival. This article was corrected online.
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