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"Share your story" campaign aims to help end opioid epidemic

What barriers have you experienced when trying to provide treatment for a substance use disorder?

Physician practice mergers, or affiliations, can be the route to your success. Here is how to evaluate whether that is the best path for you.

The AMA is pursuing an ambitious agenda to reform payment systems, cut red tape, end the opioid epidemic and protect health care coverage. Here is how you can get involved.

How much and how quickly can diet really help? And what kind is best for patients to pursue as they try to reduce their blood pressure with lifestyle changes alone?

Lipner SR.
A woman receiving immunosuppressant therapy after a prior kidney transplant presented with a tender ulcerated nodule on her fingernail with nail loss, purulent drainage, and histopathology showing a pyogenic granuloma–like response with atypical epithelioid and spindled cells adjacent to blood vessels. What would you do next?
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