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Have You Registered for the 2018 AMA Interim Meeting?

New AMA EXPO will offer a Career Fair, Lecture Series and Research Symposium.

Wearables and other devices generate a flood of patient information. This new resource helps physicians put that data to use in their practices.

The complexities facing residents as they confront negotiating their first physician employment contract are numerous. Be mindful of these key details.

Complex ethical issues surround food systems, which affect nutrition and health outcomes. Learn more about these ethical issues and the physician’s role.

Medarov BI, Khan MS, Modi A.
A 38-year-old woman with a history of gastric bypass surgery and hysterectomy had acute abdominal pain. Results of routine blood testing were unremarkable; a lung biopsy revealed spindle-cell fascicles with entrapped benign alveolar tissue but no necrosis, atypia, or mitotic activity. What would you do next?
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