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AMA Legal Team Helps Protect Medical Liability Reforms

Litigation Center involved in five active tort reform-related cases before state Supreme Courts.

Social and legal barriers are being hurdled, but LGBTQ medical care has room for improvement, expert panelists said at the AMA’s Chicago headquarters.

Physicians are expected to lead health care teams, yet medical schools traditionally offer few opportunities for students to take leadership roles in shaping curricula. Change is afoot.

In addition to a decision potentially raising medical liability insurance rates, a Connecticut high-court case could affect patient confidentiality and privacy.

Adashi EY, Clodfelter RP, George P.
This Viewpoint discusses the use of a direct primary care model to restructure US health care spending to attain the Triple Aim and the 4 C’s of primary care (contact, continuity, comprehensiveness, and coordination).
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