3 foods your patients with high BP should avoid

Find out the biggest food culprits for too much sodium and discover where to learn more nutritional information to help improve your patients’ health.


Public Health

Adult obesity rates rise in 6 states, exceed 35% in 7

Report documents record number of obese adults and children. Find out which states, and which demographic groups, have links to higher obesity rates.

Public Health

Vaping is an epidemic and the FDA must act, physicians say

FDA should ban flavoring agents and consider tight restrictions on marketing of e-cigarettes to people under 21.

AMA Statements

AMA statement on FDA plan to prevent youth access to flavored tobacco

The AMA applauds FDA’s announcement of its plan to make harmful tobacco products less accessible and less appealing to our nation’s youth.

Two delegates consulting at 2018 AMA Interim Meeting

Public Health

AMA: Fix hospital eligibility criteria for drug-discount program

Outpatient charity care should determine 340B program eligibility as part of a revised formula for the federal program, physicians say.

Public Health

Stronger background-check system needed for gun purchases

States should require relevant mental health records be reported to national database, the AMA says.


Public Health

What does the label say? Physicians seek transparency

The AMA House of Delegates adopted policy on front-of-package nutrition labels, food-allergen packaging and the accessibility of information on animal-derived medical products.

Barbara L. McAneny, MD at 2018 AMA Interim Meeting

Interim Meeting

AMA president: Create system that values health over money, power

AMA President Barbara L. McAneny, MD, says the AMA is fighting the forces that make the U.S. health system so dysfunctional.

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