Resident standing with arms crossed, holding stethoscope

Resident & Student Health

What you can do to beat burnout during medical residency

Factors outside of training can exert pressure and contribute to medical resident burnout. Here is what you can do to prevent medical resident burnout.

Physician with breast cancer patient


How prior authorization hobbles breast cancer care

Research finds that prior-authorization requirements put as many as 17 process steps and 10 decision points between a breast cancer patient and the medications she needs.

Prescription medicine bottle wrapped in red tape


Why prior authorization was a white-hot issue in 2018

Prior authorization comes between physicians and their patients’ care and needs to be fixed. Learn how that painful reality came into starker relief this year.

Physician Health

9 major institutions create healthier environment for physicians

Physician burnout continues to receive growing attention and more health care organizations are beginning to find solutions to improve well-being. Learn more.

Press Releases

AMA offers first national estimate of telemedicine use by physicians

The AMA presented the first nationally representative estimates on physicians use of telemedicine, and what functions it serves in their practices.



8 ways speech-recognition software can work for your practice

Leaders at the Yale health system say physicians are clamoring to use medical dictation software that makes doctors’ lives easier and raises patient satisfaction. Here’s what you need to know.


Physician Health

Can "puppy breaks" help bark away physician stress?

Find out how this hospital is using therapy animals to reduce stress and promote well-being. Learn how your organization can do it too.



Inside Cleveland Clinic’s $10 million prior authorization price tag

Prior-authorization requirements impose heavy burdens for patients, physicians and health care organizations. Learn about the cost of prior authorization at the Cleveland Clinic.

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