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AMA Reimagining Residency FAQs

Review frequently asked questions about the AMA Reimagining Residency program.

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$15 million AMA initiative targets gaps in residency training

In an effort to expand the scope of its goal of changing medical education, the AMA announced a new program to transform residency training.

Press Releases

New $15 million initiative to further reimagine physician training

New AMA Reimagining Residency initiative is aimed at transforming residency training to ensure physician well-being and improved patient safety.

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AMA Reimagining Residency initiative

The $15 million Reimagining Residency initiative is the next step in the AMA’s effort to transform medical education.

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Accelerating Change in Medical Education

4 hazards medical trainees face in hospital “room of horrors”

A safety-focused simulation aims to help medical students and residents identify potential hazards in a hospital room before they cause harm.

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The AMA GME Competency Education Program

Get information about this series of resident education courses tailored to meet the needs of a resident’s lifestyle.

Jennifer S. Myers, MD at AMA ACME Conference at Penn State College of Medicine.

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Meet your new safety and quality watchdog: the medical resident

Rather than making residents bystanders in QI projects, this health system is giving them a chance to shape innovation across the board.

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Resident & Student Health

4 energy-boosting tips to help residents as shifts drag on

We spoke with residents to get a few pick-me-ups that can help buoy a sleep-deprived trainee during their longest stints on call.

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