Precision Medicine

What your patients must know about direct-to-consumer lab tests

The direct-to-consumer testing market’s value will reach $350 million soon. Patients should think twice before getting tested without physician guidance.

Microscopic look at DNA


Your patient’s asking about her 23andMe results. Now what?

This is one of the new ethical questions arising in the age of precision health. Find out more about ethical dimensions of genetic testing, gene editing and more.


Don’t miss these CME opportunities before the year ends

Looking to obtain CME credit for 2018? Here are some intriguing CME options to consider.

Computer screen closeup

Precision Medicine

4 ways physicians can help advance precision medicine research

Physicians are key partners in the National Institute of Health’s All of Us Research Program. Find out how you can get involved.

2018 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Top 10 stories from the 2018 AMA Annual Meeting

The AMA House of Delegates weighs in on gun violence, health care AI, the cost of health insurance, barriers to opioid-use disorder treatment, and more.

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine should have its place in new pay models

The tailored approach to delivering care should be incorporated into alternative payment models, the AMA House of Delegates says.

Precision Medicine

Genetic discrimination

Find out how to protect patients as genetic testing becomes common, and see the AMA's efforts to fight discrimination of people based on genetic information.

Precision Medicine

Genetic testing

Learn how genetic testing can help determine the likelihood of your patients passing on or inheriting certain medical conditions or diseases.

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