3 EHR information-blocking tactics that can harm patients

Electronic health record-vendor contracts may contain clauses that block information sharing on improving usability and patient safety research.

Precision Medicine

What your patients must know about direct-to-consumer lab tests

The direct-to-consumer testing market’s value will reach $350 million soon. Patients should think twice before getting tested without physician guidance.

The inside of a mobile stroke treatment vehicle.


Northwestern’s stroke care goes on the move for better outcomes

The Chicago area mobile stroke unit gives neurologists a 30-minute head start during the “golden hour” to save lives and enable quicker rehab.



How health care myths can hurt patients

The online mountain of health content hasn’t put a damper on the proliferation of false beliefs. What should physicians do to stem the tide of medical myths?

Devious man looking at computer monitor


5 things you didn’t know about health care cybersecurity

Criminals value medical files because of the amount of exploitable information they hold. An AMA survey has uncovered these keys you need to know about health care cybersecurity.

Invisible hands typing on keyboard


The overlooked benefits of medical scribes

It’s a given that using medical scribes will reduce data-entry time for physicians. But the myriad benefits this produces for patients and physicians are now being quantified by emerging research.

Person picking out an apple


Examining the ethics of what’s on your patients’ dinner table

Complex ethical issues surround food systems, which affect nutrition and health outcomes. Learn more about these ethical issues and the physician’s role.

Exposed brain surrounded by globe illustration


Don’t fall for these 3 myths about AI, machine learning

Get the straight scoop from a Johns Hopkins expert developing health care solutions powered by AI and machine learning.

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