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Digital medicine, QPP pushed ahead in 2019 Medicare final rules

AMA advocacy efforts helped push CMS to embrace digital medicine in the fee schedule. Also catch up on the latest changes to the Medicare Quality Payment Program.

Teams should work together utilizing each members' skill, expertise and role.

Payment & Delivery Models

4 tips to be a better physician team leader

For team-based care to succeed, the team has to function ethically and effectively. Those objectives are achievable, but require physician leadership aware of how to promote both.

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Payment & Delivery Models

6 ways fast-evolving pay models are affecting physician practices

AMA-RAND report: Doctors see opportunity for new payment models to improve care, but are overwhelmed by their complexity and the pace of change.

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Payment & Delivery Models

3 keys to giving physicians more face time with patients

Learn about a team-based primary care model that cuts patient wait times, gives doctors more time delivering care and raises job satisfaction.

Blood pressure monitoring can go a long way. The AMA website provides resources to help.

Payment & Delivery Models

Up your MIPS score by tallying efforts to prevent chronic disease

Two step-by-step guides help doctors score well under the 2018 Merit-based Incentive Payment System for what they do to prevent heart disease and diabetes.

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Payment & Delivery Models

Pondering direct care? 13 potential benefits and drawbacks

Concierge medicine’s not necessarily a path to easy street. If you’re considering direct-care practice, keep in mind these pros and cons.

Payment & Delivery Models

Understanding Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

Learn about the reduced penalties and potential for greater bonus payments for practices under Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System.


TCPI Phase 3: Performing in practice on transformation aims

Weekly free webinars provide practical, useful resources from AMA and other partners to meet Phase 3 of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI).

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