3 EHR information-blocking tactics that can harm patients

Electronic health record-vendor contracts may contain clauses that block information sharing on improving usability and patient safety research.


Leveraging technology to better monitor and treat patients

Kelly Santomas, MS, RN, senior director of Partners Connected Health, looks at the necessity of using technology to better serve patients.


Navigating the digital health landscape

Meg Barron, director of digital health strategy for the AMA, talks about how the AMA has been working on key initiatives to ensure the effectiveness and trust of developing health technology.

Footstep outlining a dance step pattern for two people


3 missteps to avoid when implementing remote patient monitoring

Here are the don’ts you must elude to achieve successful implementation of remote patient monitoring.

Press Releases

AMA offers first national estimate of telemedicine use by physicians

The AMA presented the first nationally representative estimates on physicians use of telemedicine, and what functions it serves in their practices.



Amazon’s health care push expands to machine learning for the EHR’s machine learning operation has a new service it says may “one day help consumers with managing their own health.” AMA policy offers guidance.

The inside of a mobile stroke treatment vehicle.


Northwestern’s stroke care goes on the move for better outcomes

The Chicago area mobile stroke unit gives neurologists a 30-minute head start during the “golden hour” to save lives and enable quicker rehab.

Colorful balls of information moving from a laptop to a person's head.


3 ways medical AI can improve workflow for physicians

Find out how medical AI could help advance the Quadruple Aim and improve your practice's workflow.

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