Precision Medicine

Selected topics in genetics & personalized medicine


The Human Genome Project led to the discovery of thousands of disease genes. Genetic testing can help patients determine disease risk and the likelihood of passing on or inheriting certain disorders.

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Genetic testing is expected to become a routine part of patient care in the future, but unless this DNA information is protected, the potential grows for discrimination against people based on their genetic information.

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Gene patenting is a broad term referring to the patenting of genetic sequences such as DNA and RNA, and to alternative forms of DNA such as cDNA (complementary DNA).

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Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) genetic tests are marketed and sold directly to consumers, and do not require the assistance of a physician or other health care provider to obtain or interpret.

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Precision medicine is a tailored approach to health care that accounts for the individual variability in the genes, environment and lifestyle of each person.

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