Medical Student Section (MSS) policymaking


Members of the Medical Student Section (MSS) have a unique opportunity to shape AMA policy and action on the issues most important to medical students. Join the AMA and get access to leadership training and advocacy resources to turn your passions into health policy.

Students save with AMA membership

  • $68 for a four-year membership–only $17 per year
  • Unlimited access to the JAMA Network™

Supporting you today as a medical student. Protecting your future as a physician.

New to the policymaking process? Access our education module, How AMA Policy is Made, to learn how MSS members influence the AMA’s policymaking efforts.

Learn how you can contribute to the policymaking activities of the section.

MSS members may submit resolutions for consideration at biannual meetings of the MSS Assembly (June and November). Learn more about how to write and submit a resolution.

MSS members are invited to comment on policy proposals in advance of each MSS Assembly meeting via the open forum (discussion of policy ideas) and virtual reference committee (discussion of resolutions and reports).

The MSS Governing Council wants every MSS member's voice to be heard. If you have a concern or new idea you would like addressed or brought to the attention of the MSS, fill out the action item request form.

Before submitting the form make sure to: