Medical Students

About the Medical Student Section (MSS)


The Medical Student Section (MSS) strives to be medical students' voice within the AMA for improving medical education and advocating for the future of medicine.

All medical student members of the AMA are automatically members of the MSS. Read more about the benefits of AMA medical student membership.

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Interested in applying for your organization to have representation in the MSS Assembly as a National Medical Specialty Society (NMSS) or a National Medical Student Organization (NMSO)? Email [email protected] for an application. 

In addition to activities at the national level, MSS offers opportunities for students to become involved at the regional and local levels.


MSS is divided into seven state-based geographic regions, each with its own elected leadership. This regional structure facilitates communication and collaboration between the campus sections at medical schools within each region. Regions also play a pivotal role in MSS policymaking activities. Learn more about your region and how you can become involved.

Note that many state and county medical societies also maintain medical student sections. While these organizations play no formal role in the MSS, they offer valuable education, networking and leadership development opportunities for medical students. Reach out to your state or county medical society to learn more.

Campus sections

Member involvement in MSS begins at the medical school level, through the local campus section. In addition to providing engagement opportunities for members at the school, local campus sections serve as the basic unit of representation in the MSS Assembly and its policymaking process. Learn more about opportunities for local campus sections and how to build a strong campus section.

The strategy and activities of the MSS are directed by a governing council elected annually by the MSS Assembly. Review summaries of recent governing council meetings.

Other leadership groups within the section include:

  • Standing committees appointed by the governing council to address specific topics of interest to medical students.
  • Region leaders
  • Campus section leaders
  • MSS/medical student representatives on AMA Councils and other groups.

Learn more about leadership opportunities for medical students.

MSS general email: [email protected]

Shane McGoey, director: [email protected] | 312-464-4460

Chloe Hartmann, program administrator: [email protected] | 312-464-2507

Sarah Langill, policy analyst: [email protected] | 312-464-4091