Medical Students

Medical Student Section (MSS) Standing Committees

Each year, the MSS Governing Council appoints AMA medical student members to serve on its standing committees. These AMA committees support the Governing Council in a number of ways, and responsibilities vary across the committees.

Now accepting applications (members only) for half-year standing committee terms. Deadline is June 12, 2020, 1:59 a.m. Central.

Review the charters for each standing committee.

Committee on Bioethics & Humanities (CBH)


  • Facilitates student discussion on interesting and relevant topics in medical ethics
  • Heightens awareness of all the opportunities the AMA Ethics Standards Group has to offer students

Committee on Economics & Quality in Medicine (CEQM)


  • Studies economic aspects of practicing medicine as they apply to medical students
  • Produces issue briefs to educate Medical Student Section members on the business side of medicine
  • Reviews resolutions related to economics and quality in medicine
  • Develops programming for national meetings
  • Facilitates discussion of economic and quality issues in medicine.

Committee on Global & Public Health (CGPH)


  • Reviews current global and domestic public health issues in the literature
  • Educates the Medical Student Section on public health topics
  • Organizes public health initiatives to establish the AMA as a leader in improving public health

Committee on Health Information Technology (CHIT)


  • Researches and produces a report on what gaps exist in current MSS policy on topics such as electronic medical records, medical data standards, telemedicine and other health information topics.

Committee on Legislation & Advocacy (COLA)


  • Creates and maintains a network of medical school sections to accomplish grassroots political action
  • Advances key student issues through a coordinated campaign at each national meeting
  • Assists grassroots campaigns for specific Medical Student Section priority issues by providing strategy, sample letters, talking points and additional information and resources

Committee on LGBTQ Issues


  • Studies and reviews current public health issues pertaining to the LGBTQ populations
  • Addresses issues of concern through health education, policy development and education
  • Serves as an advisory body to the MSS Assembly and GC on LGBTQ issues

Committee on Long Range Planning (COLRP)


  • Studies the structure, function and strategic planning of the Medical Student Section, as referred to by the Governing Council
  • Serves as a repository for Medical Student Section data and work products

Committee on Medical Education (CME)


  • Responsible for medical education issues, including resident work hours, the clinical skills assessment exam and medical education debt

Committee on Scientific Issues (CSI)


  • Develops issue briefs to educate the Medical Student Section on scientific issues
  • Creates programs and resources on scientific topics and health policy issues
  • Serves as an informational resource to the Medical Student Section Assembly on resolutions of scientific interest

Community Service Committee (CSC)


  • Develops, promotes and implements community service programs on the local, state and national levels
  • Creates informational reports, programs and resources to assist medical school sections and state officers in the organization and implementation of community service projects

House of Delegates Coordination Committee (HCC)


  • Forms a common and well-informed position on resolutions and reports presented to the AMA House of Delegates, with support of the MSS delegate and alternate delegate, as well as student members of their state delegations

Membership, Engagement & Recruitment Committee (MERC)


  • Coordinates outreach, informational and recruitment efforts between national, region, state and medical school sections levels of involvement
  • Strives to find ways to further the value of AMA membership to medical students
  • Integrates and directs social media efforts for the Medical Student Section in conjunction with MSS leadership and staff

Minority Issues Committee (MIC)


  • Addresses issues of concern to minority populations through policy development, health education and service
  • Identifies minority student needs and ways to increase membership awareness and knowledge of minority issues

Women in Medicine Committee (WIM)


  • Addresses emerging professional issues affecting women in medicine through policy development, education and service
  • Contributes to advocacy efforts and medical student education on women’s health issues
  • Fosters leadership development among female medical students through mentorship, networking and advocacy
  • Identifies areas of medicine where women are underrepresented and ways to increase involvement in these fields