RFS elections will be held during the 2022 RFS Interim Meeting. Materials will be posted as they are available.

RFS Governing Council chair-elect

Pauline Huynh, MD (Elected)

Sunder Sham, MD

AMA Board of Trustees resident member

Pratistha Koirala, MD, PhD (Elected)

RFS sectional delegate

Mrinalini Buddha, MD

Karen Dionesotes, MD, MPH

Nicolas K. Fletcher, MD, MHSA

Haidn Foster, MD

Brandon Francis, MD

Victoria Gordon, DO

Jacob Hoerter, MD

Pauline Huynh, MD

Daniel Kerekes, MD

Michelle Knopp, MD

Christopher Libby, MD, MPH

Rasmeet Miller, MD

Laura Stone McGuire, MD

Helene Nepomuceno, MD

Avani Patel, MD, MHA

Danielle Rivera, MD

Adam Roussas, MD

Kelly Schmidt, MD

Sophia Spadafore, MD

Megan Srinivas, MD, MPH

      Stephanie Strohbeen, MD

      Subhan Tabba, MD, MBA

      Ruchika Talwar, MD

      Daniel Udrea, MD

      Tisha Van Pelt, MD

      Michael Visenio, MD, MPH

      Joey Whelihan, MD

      Angela Wu, MD, MPH

      Anna Yap, MD

      RFS sectional alternate delegate

      Jacob Altholz, MD

      Laverne D'Silva, DO

      Anna Heffron, MD, PhD

      Jeena Kar, DO

      Elisa Quince, DO

      Christina Wang, MD

      Council on Constitution & Bylaws, resident member

      Nicolas K. Fletcher, MD, MHSA

      Bashar Khiatah, MD

      Helene Nepomuceno, MD

      Dan Pfeifle, MD (Elected)

      Council on Medical Education, resident member

      George Koutsouras, DO, MPH, MS

      Daniel Lee, MD (Elected)

          Rajendra Shah, MBBS

          Sahiba Singh, MBBS

          Meghana Rajashekara Swarmy, MD, MSc

          Lewis Wong, MD

          Council on Medical Service, resident member

          Hari Iyer, MD (Elected)

          Heba Osman, DO

          Megan Srinivas, MD, MPH

          Visit the RFS meeting agenda & resources page for the agenda, education sessions and more.

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