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Private Practice Playbook


In this playbook, “private practice” is defined as a practice that is wholly owned by physicians. Private practice is an attractive option for physicians seeking the freedom and independence to practice in a setting that allows them to provide personalized medical care for their patients. It is inclusive of practice owners, employed physicians and independent contractors.

Many physicians train in a landscape dominated by large medical organizations and are unaware of opportunities to enter private practice. The shift away from private practice and toward health systems has not uniformly led to projected improvements in care delivery or reductions in the cost of care. This observation, coupled with already present concerns surrounding access to care, has led to questions about the long-term sustainability of private practices.

Private Practice Playbook

Access key steps, best practices and resources for thriving in private practice.

This playbook describes the characteristics, benefits and challenges of private practice for physicians considering entering a private practice model of care. The goal of the Private Practice Playbook is to offer foundational knowledge on private practice to allow physicians to enter meaningful conversations with professional advisors and peers.



What you’ll get

In addition to best practices and strategies for thriving in private practice, the playbook offers a robust collection of templated forms for independent physician practices that address patient, employee and administrative needs. You’ll also find advice and tips on the best use of the sample forms. Documents are in Word format and easy to customize for your practice needs.

The Private Practice Playbook is designed for:

  • Physicians who are aspiring to open a private practice
  • Physicians who are aspiring to enter an established private practice
  • Practice managers
  • Operations leaders

The AMA seeks to preserve the freedom, independence and integrity of private practice and this playbook was developed in support of those physicians who choose to practice in that setting so that they are able to provide compassionate and personal medical care for their patients.

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