BP Average Calculator

In order to obtain a representative blood pressure (BP) to guide the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, take two or more BP readings when a patient's initial in-office BP is high and then average them. Use this tool to quickly calculate a patient's average systolic and diastolic BP. 

BP Reading Systolic BP Diastolic BP




Our goal is to prevent cardiovascular disease and deaths, which includes helping the nation significantly improve BP control and reduce the number of new patients with preventable type 2 diabetes. To help physicians and care teams better diagnose and manage patients with high BP, we developed the evidence-based MAP™ Hypertension Improvement Program. This program has three parts: Measure Accurately, Act Rapidly and Partner with Patients. The MAP™ Hypertension Improvement Program is an integral part of Target: BP™, a national initiative formed by the American Heart Association and the American Medical Association in response to the rising incidence of uncontrolled BP.