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Our 10 most popular stories of 2018

Physician burnout. Picking a medical specialty. Making romance work in medical residency. These topics drew your eyes this year. Find out what else did.



Matchmaking 2018: Top stories on the residency application process

Medical students were as Match-minded as always in 2018. Here are our most popular stories about the residency application process this year.



Want to switch residency programs? 5 things you should know

There can be a second chance at finding the perfect program fit, specialty training or location—though it may not be easy.

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AMA Reimagining Residency FAQs

Review frequently asked questions about the AMA Reimagining Residency program.

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Residency interviews: Don’t forget to ask these 7 key questions

While your mind may be traveling a mile a minute, keep these questions to ask at your residency interview at the top of your agenda.

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$15 million AMA initiative targets gaps in residency training

In an effort to expand the scope of its goal of changing medical education, the AMA announced a new program to transform residency training.

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New $15 million initiative to further reimagine physician training

New AMA Reimagining Residency initiative is aimed at transforming residency training to ensure physician well-being and improved patient safety.

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AMA Reimagining Residency initiative

The $15 million Reimaging Residency initiative is the next step in the AMA’s effort to transform medical education.

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