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Patient Support & Advocacy

3 things to tell your patients about signing up at

The deadline to sign up for a plan on the individual health insurance market place is Dec. 15. Make sure your patients know it is not too late.

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Patient Support & Advocacy

Most commercial health insurance markets are highly concentrated

Health insurance competition is sorely lacking, AMA research shows, and growing consolidation is not bringing lower premiums for patients.

Press Releases

Competition levels drop for health insurance markets across 25 states

New AMA study finds half of all states had commercial health insurance markets that were less competitive in 2017 than the previous year.

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Medical School Life

6 simple ways to master patient communication

Learning how to effectively talk with patients is a key skill set for medical students beginning their clinical rotations.


Patient Support & Advocacy

Short-term health plans will bring long-term pain for patients

The AMA and others ask a federal court to stop a rule that allows these health plans to undermine patient protections and sabotage the insurance risk pool.

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Patient Support & Advocacy

8 ways to promote affordable access to high-value care

Cost concerns too often prevent patients from pursing evidence-based care their doctors recommend. The AMA details tools, insurance plan designs and advocacy initiatives that can help.

Barbara L. McAneny, MD at 2018 AMA Interim Meeting

Interim Meeting

AMA president: Create system that values health over money, power

AMA President Barbara L. McAneny, MD, says the AMA is fighting the forces that make the U.S. health system so dysfunctional.


Public Health

AMA backs in-person import of Canadian Rx if safety is assured

Allowing the practice offers patients an option to lower patient out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs, which addresses a barrier to medication adherence: unaffordability.

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