Residents & Fellows

Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) leadership opportunities

Explore various ways to be involved in the Residents & Fellows Section (RFS) section. Please submit all application materials to [email protected].

RFS Governing Council: Chair-elect

The chair-elect assists the governing council officers with their duties and serves as an understudy of the chair in preparation of assuming their role. The term runs for two years: six months as chair-elect, one year as chair, and six months as immediate-past chair.

All applications are due Sept. 20, 2019.

Sectional/Alternate delegates

The RFS delegates to the House of Delegates (HOD) are elected by the RFS Assembly for a one-year term and will be a representative of and seated with their state or specialty delegation. Alternate delegates will be also seated with the Delegates’ state or specialty delegation. The endorsement of your state or specialty society verifies that they are aware of your candidacy, and are willing to accept and include you as a part of the delegation.

All applications are due Sept. 20, 2019.

Temporary alternate delegate

Sectional alternate delegate vacancies shall be filled by a temporary appointment of RFS members present at the current House of Delegates meeting at the discretion of the RFS delegate and alternate delegate. Temporary appointments shall last for the duration of the House of Delegates meeting during which the appointment was made. Consideration in temporary appointments shall be given to members who maintain or increase diversity of RFS representation in the House of Delegates with regards to sponsoring state and specialty societies. 

All applications are due Sept. 20, 2019.

2019 Interim convention committees

Convention committees are vital to the operation of the assembly meeting. Positions are available on the Reference, Credentials, Rules and Logistics Committees.

All applications are due Sept. 20, 2019.