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Make an impact in your career and support residency issues by becoming an AMA member or renewing your membership.

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The Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) provides various opportunities for its members to become involved. One of the best ways to participate and network is to attend RFS meetings where RFS members influence policy on key resident and fellow issues, hear from nationally recognized leaders and attend education sessions.

There are two key meetings each year, one in June (referred to as the Annual Meeting) and the second one in November (referred to as the Interim Meeting).

What happens at RFS meetings

You can become a member of RFS when you join the AMA. Once an AMA member:  

  • You can attend meetings and submit resolutions that form policy to the RFS reference committee.
  • You can choose to become a voting member at the Annual and Interim Meetings by undergoing credentialing to be certified as a delegate. Delegates vote on policies and elect RFS leaders at the meetings.
  • You can represent your colleagues by applying for a leadership position, including:
    • The Governing Council: Consists of 8 members who are elected by RFS members.
    • Standing Committees: There are 8 standing committees. Members of these committees are appointed by the Governing Council to 1 year terms.
    • Convention Committees: These 4 committees (reference, credentials, rules and hospitality) are appointed by the Governing Council. They are only active during the Annual and Interim Meetings.
    • Regional Councils: There are 8 regional councils. These councils foster and promote relationships between the RFS and local area leaders.
    • Delegates: Represent the RFS at the AMA House of Delegates meetings (also held June and November of each year) or represent a state/specialty society at the RFS meetings.

Help develop policy

Voting members must be credentialed. Credentialing is the procedure that certifies members of the resident and fellow section who wish to vote on policy and elect leaders at each RFS meeting. These voting members are referred to as delegates and alternate delegates. Credentialed representatives must be AMA members.

Society representatives

Resident and fellow members represent various constituencies such as state and specialty medical societies in the House of Delegates. These organizations endorse members prior to each RFS meeting. To learn more, contact your state or specialty group.

Representing your specialty group

At-large delegate

Individual residents (not endorsed by their society) who desire voting rights at the RFS meeting can apply for an at-large delegate position. Applications are accepted both before the meeting and on-site as long as seats remain available. 

Unfilled delegate

If there are unfilled delegate seats at the time of the RFS meeting, any resident who is interested in voting will be credentialed on a first-come first-serve basis as either an at-large delegate or delegate of their constituent society.  Those wishing to fill a seat for their society must provide proof that the society will be endorsing them for the meeting.  In addition, proof of AMA membership is required.

Resident and fellow delegates or their credentialed alternates vote on the nominees for various RFS leadership positions at the RFS meetings.

Nominations for governing council positions and sectional delegates may be received in advance of meetings or announced during the meeting.

Ballots are sent via email to all credentialed individuals on each day of the meeting. Election results are verified. The candidate that receives a majority of the votes is elected. If no candidate receives a majority, a run-off is held between the top 2 candidates.

RFS members can also represent RFS in AMA councils. Visit the nominations process page for information on nominating yourself or someone you know to be a member of an AMA council.

Internal operating procedures (PDF)

See deadlines and submit applications for current open positions with RFS.