The private practice model is an attractive option for physicians who seek to provide more personalized medical care for their patients. This collection of AMA STEPS Forward® Practice Innovation Strategies offers the resources and support physicians need to both start and sustain a successful private practice.

Resources on topics ranging from workflow and payment to telemedicine and team-based care, among others, are available to help private practices navigate their current environment.

Access interactive instruction from experts who address practical, actionable strategies to transform your practice.

Hear health care leaders share how they overcame practice challenges by implementing real-world strategies and solutions.

Look for more insights on adopting new payment models, the value of private practice and more.

Innovation Academy

AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy provides practice resources such as webinars, mentoring, panel discussions, bootcamps, and immersion programs.

Whether you’re considering private practice or already working independently, the AMA has the practice model education resources you need to start and sustain success.

Delve into examinations of changes in physician practice arrangements and methods for compensating physicians.

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