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Specialty and Service Society


The Specialty and Service Society (SSS) provides a forum for collaboration among the medical specialties, professional interest medical associations (PIMAs), and the federal service branches to further promote the interests of its members within our American Medical Association and to serve as a resource to our AMA.

The SSS is among the groups that meet in conjunction with the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) Annual and Interim Meetings, held in June and November, respectively.

Policy and guidance on admission to SSS, HOD, and periodic review. Additional standing rules and guidelines on SSS endorsement of candidates


  • AMA Bylaw 8 (PDF)—Representation of National Medical Specialty Societies and Professional Interest Medical Associations in the House of Delegates


  • Policy G-600.020—Admission of Specialty Organizations to our AMA House
  • Policy G-600.022—Admission of Professional Interest Medical Associations to our AMA House
  • Policy G-600.027—Designation of Specialty Societies for Representation in the House of Delegates

Rules & guidelines

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The periodic/5-year review verifies that specialty societies meet AMA membership thresholds and comply with guidelines and bylaw requirements for continued representation in the HOD. Similar processes are in place for initial application to the SSS and HOD.