Practice innovation strategies: Physician burnout


Physician well-being is influenced by both organizational and individual factors. This collection of AMA STEPS Forward® Practice Innovation Strategies offers proven approaches on how to engage health system leadership, understanding physician burnout and how to address it, and developing a culture that supports physician well-being. 

Fighting physician burnout

Reducing burnout is essential to high-quality patient care and a sustainable health system. The AMA measures and responds to physician burnout, helping drive solutions and interventions.

With a majority of American physicians experiencing some signs of burnout, it is a condition that affects all specialties and all practice settings. AMA's open-access toolkits offer innovative strategies that allow physicians and their staff to address physician burnout and thrive in the health care environment.  

Learn from proven approaches on how to streamline workflows, boost patient satisfaction and cut down on stress.

We need your help

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Hear health care leaders share how they overcame practice challenges by implementing real-world solutions for physician burnout.

Innovation Academy

AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy provides practice resources such as webinars, mentoring, panel discussions, bootcamps, and immersion programs.

Articles assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on physician stress and mental health and the relationship between being a physician and risk for burnout.