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AMA Private Practice Simple Solutions

Private Practice Simple Solutions

AMA Private Practice Simple Solutions are free, open access rapid learning cycles designed to provide opportunities to implement actionable changes that can immediately increase efficiency in private practices.

Each eight-week Private Practice Simple Solutions learning collaborative addresses one topic area important to private practices and begins with a webinar of pre-recorded content presented by subject matter experts. Following the kick-off webinar, an asynchronous discussion board offers weekly prompts for participants that encourage interaction with peers and questions for the experts to address. Midway through the learning collaborative, participants attend a live webinar for a moderated Q&A on the topic that will inform the direction of the discussion prompts for the remainder of the session.

Past sessions

To find previous Simple Solutions sessions, visit the Private Practice Simple Solutions AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy page.

Running concurrently to the releases of the pre-recorded webinars will be a discussion board offering opportunities to interact with fellow cohort members and submit questions to the subject matter experts who oversee the sessions. Post-session surveys will measure the relevance of the topic, adoption of content and impact of the sessions. The surveys will also allow participants to suggest topics to be covered in future sessions.

Private Practice Simple Solutions: Value-Based Care

March 26 | 10:15 a.m. CT (part 1)

April 30 | 10:15 a.m. CT (part 2)

Bryan Batson, MD, CEO of Hattiesburg Clinic, covers the current value-based care landscape, risk assessment and more in this eight-week learning collaborative. Learn more.

Private Practice Simple Solutions: Revenue Cycle Management

May 7 | 10:15 a.m. CT (part 1)

June 4 | 10:15 a.m. CT (part 2)

Learn the basics of how the revenue cycle functions, compliance, operational efficiency and more in this eight-week Private Practice Simple Solutions learning collaborative. Learn more.

  • Patient communication and engagement: Aug. 13-Oct. 8
  • Virtual assistants: Oct. 8-Dec. 3

Keep your practice running

The AMA is fighting to keep private practice a viable option for physicians. We're working to remove unnecessary burdens so physicians can reclaim the time they need to focus on patients. 

Please contact the Private Practice team with additional topic suggestions.