There are several ways members can get involved with the Organized Medical Staff Section.

OMSS representatives are selected by their medical staff peers and play a key role in the functioning of the section. In addition to representing the interests and concerns of their medical staffs at biannual OMSS meetings, OMSS representatives serve as liaisons between the OMSS and medical staffs across the country. Learn more about OMSS representative duties and responsibilities (PDF).

To certify an Organized Medical Staff Section representative from a medical staff, complete the certification form (PDF) and email to [email protected].

Contribute to OMSS policymaking efforts by submitting a resolution for consideration at an OMSS Meeting. The resolution submission deadline for the June 2021 meeting is April 26. If your state medical society OMSS meets after April 26, you may submit an on-time resolution up to seven days after the conclusion of your meeting.

Submit resolutions and direct any questions to [email protected].

Volunteer opportunities are available at each OMSS Annual and Interim Meeting and throughout the year:

  • Reference committee
  • Committee on late resolutions
  • Tellers committee
  • Education committee
  • Policy committee
  • Membership and engagement committee

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more and to volunteer.

Programs and activities for the Organized Medical Staff Section are directed by a seven-member governing council elected every two years by members of the section.

The next regularly scheduled OMSS Governing Council elections will be held at the 2022 OMSS Annual Meeting. Contact the OMSS at [email protected] for more information.

Subscribe to the OMSS newsletter to receive monthly updates on issues of interest to medical staff members.

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