During the 2015 AMA Interim Meeting, the AMA House of Delegates adopted changes to the bylaws of the AMA Academic Physicians Section (APS), to codify the section’s name change from “Section on Medical Schools” to “Academic Physicians Section” and clarify the pathways to membership in the AMA-APS.

These changes were presented in a report (log in) from the AMA Council on Constitution and Bylaws, which was subsequently recommended for adoption by the Reference Committee on Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws.

In its report, the reference committee wrote, “Testimony for this report was strongly in favor of adoption. The recommendations of the report were universally lauded for their inclusiveness in welcoming more members of the medical community into this section, especially for community physicians who are part-time faculty and may have been excluded previously.”

Learn more about the AMA-APS. Also, check out a summary of the section’s meeting in November.

In related news, the Academic Medicine Caucus convened during the 2015 AMA Interim Meeting. A number of issues were discussed, including leadership for the caucus and speeches by candidates for AMA positions. Read more (log in).

Also, save the date for the next caucus meeting: June 13 in Chicago during the 2016 AMA Annual Meeting. Elections for caucus leadership positions will be held during the meeting. Those interested in running for a position on the caucus should email the current caucus chair, Donald Eckhoff, MD.

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