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About the Academic Physicians Section (APS)

The AMA Academic Physicians Section (APS) provides AMA member academic physicians the opportunity to participate in forming AMA policy through debate and a vote in the AMA's House of Delegates (HOD).

Join now to play an important role in developing and reviewing AMA policy of concern to academic physicians and medical schools. As a member of the APS, you also have the opportunity to stay informed of the work of the AMA's Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiative and to apply for professional development opportunities through service on AMA and leading medical education bodies at the national level.

Council on Medical Education

Advocate for AMA policy that reflects your concerns and issues

The AMA House of Delegates has adopted as AMA policy approximately 170 resolutions from the APS.

Find out how the Academic Physicians Section is making an impact and how to join the effort. 

Learn about the accelerating change in medical education initiative

The AMA is collaborating with medical schools nationwide to accelerate change in medical education by creating a system that trains physicians to meet the needs of today's patients and to anticipate future changes.

Contact academic physicians section staff 

For more information about the APS, please email a section staff member.

Fred Lenhoff, Director, Academic Physicians section

(312) 464-4635

[email protected]

Karen Heins, Staff Assistant

(312) 464-4579

[email protected]

Your academic institution can benefit in many ways—including 20% or higher discounts on AMA membership—by joining the AMA via the AMA Academic Leadership Group Membership Program.

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