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About the Minority Affairs Section (MAS)


The American Medical Association Minority Affairs Section (MAS) addresses the issues and concerns of underrepresented minority physicians and improving the health of minority populations.

The MAS provides a national forum for advocacy on minority health issues and professional concerns of minority physicians and medical students.

Membership in the Minority Affairs Section is free for all physicians, medical students and allies, including AMA members and nonmembers.

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The Underrepresented in Medicine award is for African American, Latino/Hispanic, or Native Americans/ Native Hawaiians/Alaska Natives scholars who demonstrate a dedication to serving vulnerable or underserved populations.

Help inspire the next generation of physicians in your community by participating in the Doctors Back to School™ program. Find the details and learn how get involved.

The MAS also maintains an ongoing relationship with national ethnic medical associations through the three liaison positions reserved for the National Hispanic Medical Association, the National Medical Association and the Association of American Indian Physicians.

The AMA has developed numerous policies on minority physician and minority health issues.

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Questions regarding the AMA Minority Affairs Section should be sent to [email protected].

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