Minority Affairs

Minority Affairs Section (MAS) policy & resolutions


Learn how to participate in the Minority Affairs Section (MAS) policy process. Explore the Minority Affairs Section policy positions on the health care system with the goal of improving both medical science and public health in AMA’s PolicyFinder.

A resolution is a proposal that asks the AMA to take a position and/or an action. A resolution consists of at least 1 directive accompanied by supporting statements or facts. Reports and resolutions are submitted for consideration at each meeting of the AMA House of Delegates (HOD). 

The actions of the HOD can:

  • Establish AMA policy on health care issues.
  • Modify the AMA Bylaws or the AMA Constitution.
  • Direct the AMA Board to take specific actions.
  • Create legislative proposals and lobbying efforts, national medical recommendations or other activities through which the AMA affects health policy.

Use the resolution template (DOC) to document your resolution.

The basic elements of a resolution include:

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Whereas clauses
  • Resolved clauses
  • References
  • Relevant AMA policy
  • Fiscal note

Reference the Resolution Submission Checklist (PDF) before submitting materials.

Email completed resolutions to the Minority Affairs Section at [email protected].

Prior to the HOD meeting where accepted resolutions are discussed:

  • Talk to other delegates to recruit support for your resolution.
  • Prepare a brief statement of introduction for the reference committee hearing.
  • Be prepared to counter opponents.
  • Be at the reference committee hearings on time.

For further resources or questions on resolutions, contact the AMA Governing Council and staff at [email protected].