Interim Meeting

2022 Interim Meeting of the HOD: Speakers' updates overview


The 2022 Interim Meeting of the House of Delegates will be held Nov. 12–15 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Prior to the meeting, the speakers' will be providing regular updates. As the speakers' provide these updates, they will be posted to this page. 

HOD Annual Meeting

Register for the 2024 HOD Annual Meeting taking place June 7–12 in Chicago. Registration is required for all attendees.

  1. Nov. 1 update

    1. The speakers provide details on the updated masking policy for the 2022 Interim Meeting.
  2. Oct. 25 update

    1. The combined handbook and addendum, the initial handbook and addendum, as well as reference committee files, are available for the 2022 Interim Meeting.
  3. Oct. 18 update

    1. The online member forums for the House of Delegates meeting are now open and can be accessed.
  4. Oct. 5 update

    1. The Speakers' Letter for the 2022 Interim Meeting is available, along with information on planned education programs and the first group of resolutions.
  5. Sept. 22 update

    1. Get information on required registration for all section and House meetings' attendees and the requirements to attest to the health & safety protocol.
  6. Sept. 13 update

    1. Find details on volunteer opportunities with the reference committees and a direct link to the application. 
  7. Aug. 4 update

    1. Review the speakers' update for the basic meeting schedule and current information on health and safety protocols.
  8. June 30 update

    1. Review the speakers' update for the list of candidates for the 2023 AMA elections.