2022 Interim Meeting of the HOD: Sept. 13 Speakers' Update


We will soon be naming reference committee members for the upcoming Interim meeting of the House of Delegates.

HOD Annual Meeting

Register for the 2023 HOD Annual Meeting taking place June 9–14 in Chicago. Registration is required for all attendees.

We are making this last request for volunteers and in particular are soliciting members who have not recently served on a committee, as we try not to use anyone more than once every three years. The reference committee process is critical to our meetings, and broad representation on each reference committee underlies the House's ability to efficiently deal with the many proposals that come before it.

The following reference committees will meet at November's Interim meeting, and volunteers are needed for all except F:

  • Constitution & Bylaws: Advocacy on ethics, bylaws matters
  • B: Legislative advocacy
  • C: Advocacy on medical education
  • F: Advocacy related to AMA governance
  • J: Advocacy on medical service and practice
  • K: Advocacy on science and public health

Also needed are volunteers for the Resolution Committee, which is tasked with ensuring the focus on advocacy at the Interim meeting.

The application form, which can be used to volunteer for service on all House committees, can be accessed online. Please submit your form as soon as possible but no later than Oct. 1.

-- Responses should be directed to [email protected]

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