2022 Interim Meeting of the HOD: Oct. 5 Speakers' Update


Planning for the upcoming Interim Meeting is proceeding. The Speakers’ Letter has been mailed and is posted online (PDF). Please pay special attention to the health and safety information contained therein. The Speakers’ Letter can also be accessed on the meeting website.

HOD Annual Meeting

Register for the 2023 HOD Annual Meeting taking place June 9–14 in Chicago. Registration is required for all attendees.

Also included is information on several planned education programs. We expect several of these programs to be designated for continuing medical education credit, but details had not been finalized by press time. Updates to the Speakers’ Letter regarding CME as well as any other matters will be posted on the meeting website.

The first group of resolutions is in the hands of the Resolution Committee (§2.13.3 of the bylaws) to ensure the focus on advocacy. The initial handbook should be posted in about 10 days.

As a reminder, the House will open at 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12 in the Hawai`i Convention Center in Honolulu. We look forward to seeing each of you there.

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