Category I Immunization Codes


The "early release" of the Category I vaccine product codes prior to publication of CPT® 2006 was approved by the CPT Editorial Panel. For the CPT 2024 code set, the Panel further updated this process to not only include vaccine products but also immunization products (e.g., immune globulins). In recognition of the public health interest in immunization products, the Panel has agreed that new immunization product codes should be published prior to FDA approval. These codes are indicated with the () symbol and will be tracked by the AMA to monitor FDA approval status. Once the FDA status changes to approval, the () symbol will be removed. The new immunization product code(s) will be available through a biannual electronic release in January and July in a given CPT cycle to facilitate immunization reporting. 

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To facilitate immunization reporting, when applicable, the most recent new or revised immunization product codes, resulting from recent Panel actions, will be published according to the Category I Immunization Code Semi-Annual Early Release Schedule on July 1 and Jan. 1 in a given CPT cycle. However, an emergent/critical distribution and recommended administration of an immunization for immediate use may necessitate an additional "electronic" publication date for an immunization code apart from the established July 1 and Jan. 1 early release dates.

For the purposes of CPT coding, “Immunization” includes vaccines/toxoids, immune globulins, serum or recombinant products.

The immunization product codes approved for expedited/emergent release will be published with the implementation date identified and will warrant a shortened implementation period of three months or less, in agreement with the agreed upon date by all stakeholders, and predicated on the urgency of the situation (vs. the standard six-month implementation period).

Immunization product codes that are approved at the October Panel meeting are released for "electronic" publication the following Jan. 1. Immunization product codes that are approved at the February and May Panel meetings are released for publication on July 1 of each year. The full set of immunization codes, including those that have been approved in the annual production cycle, are included in the next CPT publication. Immunization product codes approved for expedited/emergent release will be available via electronic publication outside of the standard semiannual release schedule, as defined above.