Administrative Multianalyte Assays With Algorithmic Analyses Codes


The CPT® Editorial Panel has approved the early release of the most recently approved Administrative Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses (MAAA) codes. All published changes provided as an early release of these codes are not intended to take effect until the dates listed on this page:

Panel meeting approval: February

  • Release date: April 1
  • Effective date: July 1

Panel meeting approval: May

  • Release date: July 1
  • Effective date: Oct. 1

Panel meeting approval: September/October

  • Release date: Oct. 1*
  • Effective date: Jan. 1

Panel meeting approval: February, May, September

  • Release date: Aug. 31
  • Effective date: Jan. 1

As for all other CPT codes, inclusion of a descriptor and its associated code number does not represent endorsement by the AMA of any particular diagnostic or therapeutic procedure or service. Inclusion or exclusion of a procedure or service does not imply any health insurance coverage or reimbursement policy.

*Note that the release date may be delayed by several days due to the timing of the CPT Panel fall meeting.

CPT® Administrative MAAAs short descriptors (PDF, updated April 1, 2024)

CPT® Administrative MAAAs medium descriptors (PDF, updated April 1, 2024)

CPT® Administrative MAAAs long descriptors (PDF, updated April 1, 2024)