Women Physicians

WPS Inspirational Physicians Recognition Program honorees

Physicians who submitted nominations to the WPS Inspirational Physicians Recognition Program told us about colleagues or teachers who played special roles, knowingly or not, in their lives and careers—inspiring them to greater heights, guiding them into specialties they love and helping with important professional decisions.

Your 2018 Inspirational Physician honorees are:

Irene Blanco, MD

Susan Block, MD

Sue Bornstein, MD

Sarah Candler, MD

Yvonne Collins, MD

Alan Copperman, MD

Jennifer Daily, MD

Carmel Dyer, MD

Mary Fallat, MD

Sandra Fryhofer, MD

Anupama Gotimukula, MD

Raghav Govindarajan, MD

Qyanna Griffith, MD

Marilyn Heine, MD

Kandace Kichler, MD

Lynne Kirk, MD

Amy Klion, MD

Rachana Kulkarni, MD

Niva Lubin-Johnson, MD

Erica Lubliner, MD

Frank Maldonado, MD

Beth McAvey, MD

Jennifer Piel, MD

Robert Poppiti, MD

Marie-France Poulin, MD

Susan Strate, MD

Myrtis Sullivan, MD

Susan Thompson-Hingle, MD

Jennifer Wiler, MD, MBA

Kim Yu, MD