Women Physicians

Inspiration Award honoree listings, last names I-M

Sara Maria Jensen, MD

“Sara Maria Jensen, MD, is an incredibly self-motivated and driven individual that seeks to elevate those around her via her actions. Her dedication not only to her patients, but also to the medical students she teaches, is both unwavering and unmatched. Dr. Jensen is a pillar within the hospital because of her compassion, grace, and servant leadership; she is a true inspiration.”

Nominated by Rebecca Wolff

Liza-Marie Johnson, MD, MPH, MSB

“Liza-Marie Johnson, MD, has gone above and beyond for me. She has opened doors I couldn't have known existed, allowed me to be the first to speak, and trusted my decisions. Dr. Johnson inspired me to pursue an additional degree within medical school and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders along the way. She added depth and meaning to my medical education and ultimately, my career. I will be forever thankful.”

Nominated by Lauren Jennings

Shruti Jolly, MD

“Shruti Jolly, MD, is an exceptional mentor and role model for female radiation oncologists and has played an instrumental role for my development as a board-certified radiation oncologist with an evidence-based, procedurally focused, and integrative oncology informed radiation oncology practice in the community oncology setting. She helped establish the #FLORO (Fabulous Ladies Of Radiation Oncology) women's networking group and personally hosted multiple wellness events to help boost networking and support for females in radiation oncology. She is extremely deserving of the AMA Inspiration Award.”

Nominated by Anna Brown, MD

Andrea Kane, MD

“Andrea Kane, MD—I have learned so much from her interactions with families, commitment to education, and thoughtfulness in patient care, and I hope to be able to teach, support, and encourage others in the same way in the future.”

Nominated by Kylee Miller


Gwendolyn Lavalais, MD

"Gwendolyn Lavalais, MD, is the Medical Director of Harbor Hospice and Gift of Life Screening and Prevention Program. She provides oversight of its medical services, coordinates client care, and helps achieve Gift Of Life’s mission of assisting vulnerable populations in Southeast Texas. She is highly deserving of the AMA Inspiration Award because I chose oncology drawing inspiration from her life of service to the community.  The entire community of Southeast Texas knows and respects Dr. Lavalais's dedication to serving people."

Nominated by Thulasee Jose, MD

Melissa Lechner, MD

“Melissa Lechner, MD, is an extraordinary physician whose compassionate patient care intertwines seamlessly with her passion for scientific innovation. With each patient interaction, her scientific genius is further ignited, driving her to unravel new vistas in treatment methodologies. Yet, her influence extends beyond patient care. She is an exemplary educator, dedicating time to nurture students, unveiling the potential within them. The debt of gratitude I owe her is immeasurable, as her unwavering belief in my potential as a future physician-scientist has indelibly marked my journey. Her commitment reverberates across the scientific community and women aspiring to excel in science and medicine.”

Nominated by Natalie Yakobian

Joyce Lee-Iannotti, MD

“Joyce Lee-Iannotti, MD, has been an exceptional mentor to me during medical school. She has gone above and beyond to create opportunities for me to be involved in novel research. She has inspired me as a woman in medicine as she demonstrates incredible confidence, leadership, and class in her professional roles.”

Nominated by Andrea Busicescu


Shou Ling Leong, MD

“Without the support of Shou Ling Leong, MD, I would not have graduated medical school. Due to financial difficulties and personal challenges, I was in great hardship, especially during and after my clerkships. Her mentorship not only helped me to graduate with my MD, but she inspired me to join a Family Medicine residency program (she is a Family Medicine doctor and professor of family medicine clerkship at my med school). She believed in me when many others did not. I owe my current happiness to her.”

Nominated by Sarah Kim, MD

Josette Lindahl, MD, PhD

"Josette Lindahl, MD, single-handedly rejuvenated our residency program when she joined. She brings wisdom, energy, integrity, and fun to psychiatry!"

Nominated by Amanda Black, MD



Grace Makari-Judson, MD

“Grace Makari-Judson, MD, is a phenomenal breast medical oncologist who has dedicated her career to patient care. During her career, she built our thriving Breast Network and truly improved the lives of women in our community. She held various leadership roles over the last 35 years. What stands out about her is that despite her accomplishments and accolades, she is available, committed and enthusiastic about mentoring younger physicians, especially women to ensure they are afforded the best opportunities.  She is my role model and I wish I can emulate her qualities as a physician, teacher, patient advocate and human being.”

Nominated by Prarthna Bhardwaj, MD

Adrienne Mann, MD

“Adrienne Mann, MD, is an inspirational woman physician who stands out simply by caring about the experiences of trainees.”

Nominated by Kimberly Kopecky, MD




Zeeshan Mansuri, MD, MPH

“Zeeshan Mansuri, MD, has exceptional skills in motivating and redirecting students to the path that improves their CV and helps develop long term communication and life skills. Under his guidance, I learned how to conduct research, present new research ideas on major platforms such as APA, AACAP, and AAAP and publish research in world-renowned journals. His passion for helping students explore career choices was endless…he is an outstanding mentor, and without his mentorship, many students like me would not be able to navigate success. He is a great team leader.”

Nominated by Mahwish Adnan, MD

Susan Moffatt-Bruce, MD

“Susan Moffatt-Bruce, MD, has served as a mentor for trainees and a patient advocate in her roles of Chief Quality and Safety Officer. Despite her impressive accolades and continued ascension to more outstanding leadership positions, she always makes time to help guide/foster the ideas and excitement of the next-generation of Cardiothoracic surgeons.”

Nominated by Madonna Lee, MD


Helen Morgan, MD

“Helen Morgan, MD, is a fantastic mentor who truly cares about the well-being of learners. She is a trailblazer in the field of medical education and I am grateful for her leadership.”

Nominated by Katie Neff



Lucy Muinov, MD

“Since I first shadowed Lucy Muinov, MD, she became an immense source of inspiration in my pursuit of a career in radiology. Her extraordinary kindness and empathy as she interacted with patients left an indelible mark on me. Her unwavering dedication to patient care deeply resonated with my own aspirations. Throughout my medical journey, she has been an exceptional mentor, providing opportunities for radiology research, leadership roles in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and contributions to medical student education. I am immensely grateful for her guidance and influence, which have shaped the person I am today.”

Nominated by Caroline Spethman