Women Physicians Section (WPS) Inspiration Award
Reshma Jagsi, MD

“Dr. Jagsi has been instrumental in my career. We are working on a project to address bullying in medicine, and I greatly value her insight and dedication. Dr. Jagsi is an inspiration for young women physicians and a mentor to many. She was the first Joan F. Giambalvo grant awardee and is world renowned gender equity researcher. She has authored over 300 articles in peer-reviewed journals, mentored dozens of trainees, educators, and researchers, and has played an active role in organized medicine. I am truly grateful to have her as a mentor.”

Nominated by Maya Iyer, MD

Prerna Mona Khanna, MD, MPH

“After tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees landed on U.S. soil in 2021, Dr. Khanna played an integral role in their medical clearance and resettlement by serving as the Director of Public Health of the largest U.S. local operation. Among numerous responsibilities, she worked to prevent, identify and control outbreaks of communicable diseases, including COVID-19, influenza, tuberculosis, measles, mumps, and hepatitis.”

Nominated by Priti Mahajan, MD

Roger S. Khetan, MD

“Dr. Khetan leads and inspires colleagues towards shared goals. He bridged and connected a class of ACP Governors from different locations, time zones, practice settings, and backgrounds during a pandemic. He accepts differences of opinion and philosophy, demonstrates respect for all points of view, and creates an inclusive environment. He’s a source of wisdom and support for his colleagues, residents, and students. He gave me and other women physician leaders the courage and much needed community to push forward in trying times. To know him is to always have an advocate, a mentor, teacher, champion, and friend professionally and personally. “

Nominated by Jenny Silberger, MD

Debra L. Klamen, MD

“Dr. Klamen has been an important mentor to me. She has helped me to be brave and courageous and to do the work needed to learn to have self-compassion and to love myself. This allows me to be a more effective educator, physician, colleague, and leader. I am forever grateful.”

Nominated by Susan Hingle, MD


Hansini Laharwani, MD

“I remember meeting Dr. Laharwani for the first time when I went for an Observership at her residency institution. Within two days, she befriended me even though she was a second-year resident and started giving me interviewing tips and showing pathology slides. I was thoroughly impressed by her extent of knowledge. Her interview tips helped me excel in the remainder of the interviews, and after that, she began mentoring me. She has been kind enough to guide me throughout the residency, teaching me pathology or helping me with fellowship applications. She has fostered a relationship of trust and reliability. She is the most thoughtful and humble being I have ever met.”

Nominated by Sunder Sham, MD

Susan Y. Lee, MD, FACP

“Dr. Lee is a truly talented clinician, teacher, administrator, leader, advocate and inspirational role model. While being laser-focused on achieving a goal, she has the ability to bring others along and realize a shared vision in a positive, inclusive, and thoughtful manner. She supports fellow colleagues and learners to help them realize their goals - and makes certain that all are recognized for their efforts. She is very passionate and cares deeply about health equity, advancing equity and championing women in medicine.” 

Nominated by Jenny Silberger, MD

Jennifer L. LeTourneau, DO, MCR

“There really are no words to describe the inspiration and mentorship that Dr. LeTourneau has provided as a physician, leader, and educator. She is a fierce advocate for improving the number of women in leadership roles in medicine and has provided a guiding hand for those early in their careers looking to transform and improve the field of medicine and medical education. Her commitment to mentoring has already and will continue to impact the world of internal medicine and medical education for years to come.”

Nominated by Allison Abraham, DO

Tammy Lin, MD, MPH

“Dr. Lin leads by lifting up those around her and bringing out the best in them. She augments their voices and perspectives and is able to take in and articulate what needs to be said in a way that brings everything into focus; when she speaks up, it’s always incredibly valuable. Her empathy and wisdom come through in all she does. She has a proven track record in multiple leadership roles of inspiring those around her to shine and although she can be quiet at times, it is because she is truly listening, a superpower that should not be underestimated!”

Nominated by Jenny Silberger, MD

Sarah Little, MD

“Dr. Little's curiosity is contagious. She is not afraid to ask "why?" and encourages her students to do the same. Whether it is identifying a new research question or implementing novel department procedures, she always aims to fill in knowledge gaps.”

Nominated by Marie Discenza


Zeeshan Mansuri, MD, MPH

“The best mentor, teacher and supporter. Dr. Mansuri makes sure he is always available. He tries to provide knowledge and guidance to make sure we are taking the right approach to achieve our dreams. I am an IMG and I am very thankful to Dr. Mansuri for what he has done. It was my 4th cycle, he guided me in gaining more research and clinical experience. He even helped me polished my interview skills. I felt so confident after working with him, and I matched. I would give the whole credit to Dr. Mansuri that I am living my dreams.”

Nominated by Norina Usman, MD

Erin N. Marcus, MD MPH

“Dr. Marcus is a kind, patient mentor who always puts the patient first. In all of her years of practicing, as her colleague put it, she has remained energetic and passionate.” – Amy Thein, MD

“Dr. Marcus is a phenomenal public health physician. In her career, she has been blessed to impact the healthcare field via her writings on public health and health disparities for several renowned journals, and as a kind, extremely knowledgeable, and effective educator for medical students. She handles every task with confidence and grace ready to uplift and better the lives she encounters. In addition, she is a mother and wife as well! Dr. Marcus is an inspiration to everyone who is blessed to cross her path.” – Jordyn Williams              

Lisa C. Martinez, MD FACP

“Dr. Martinez is an incredible teacher and even more amazing mentor and advocate for the underserved in our community. When I started medical school, I had an idea to start a free clinic. I asked older students who I should reach out to for help with this endeavor and they all said her. She quickly jumped on board with the project, led us in successfully applying for grants and helped grow this initiative. On Saturday mornings she volunteers with us and leads this program, when she could be at home with her family. She is an amazing doctor and teacher.”

Nominated by Elisha Myers

Laura J. Mintz, MD, PhD

“She is fierce advocate for me both professionally and personally. She specializes in LGBT health, helped form and oversee my med school PRIDE board, promoting LGBT education, and helps her students advance in their careers. She is always there when I have a question, problem, or need any support.”

Nominated by Alyson Auriemma             



“Dr. Moyer is a true JEDI champion for women in medicine and for others who are marginalized and excluded. She pulls together organizations to maximize impact. A true visionary who is changing medicine. I am privileged to have been mentored by her.”

Nominated by Susan Hingle, MD


Priscilla Mpasi, MD, FAAP

“Dr. Mpasi has made a significant impact on my personal and professional life as a premed, medical student and now resident. She has been a staunch advocate for me and has been someone who has checked in on my academic progress and success, and encouraged me to reach for professional opportunities that I did not think it was even attainable.  She is the epitome of an active, engaged mentor, who has provided feedback and is first to celebrate my successes. Most importantly, she has really set the standard and truly model what a physician leader looks like.”

Nominated by Oluwabukola Akingbola, MD

“Dr. Murrow is a very direct, humble person who is involved in caring for people and communities that need health care. She practices medicine out of her sincere desire to do good for others. Her students and patients appreciate her empathy and non-judgmental demeanor, even in the face of frustrated and difficult patients. Her ability to relate to the patients, to be open and understanding is not something that can be taught, but something that can be modeled. She works with her learners to understand the struggles that the patients have. In so many ways, Dr. Murrow INSPIRES!”

Nominated by Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD

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