Women Physicians Section (WPS) Inspiration Award

Elisa A. Illing, MD

"Dr. Illing has served as an incredible mentor the past several years. She helped me solidify my interest in ENT by introducing me to faculty, setting up opportunities in the department, frequently meeting with me, and allowing me to work with her in clinic and the OR."

Nominated by Chelsey Witsberger

Maya Iyer, MD, MEd

"Dr. Iyer is a pediatric emergency medicine physician. She is an exceptional role model, teacher, and mentor for medical students. She always went above and beyond her role as my faculty coach and helped me in all aspects of life. Her passion, enthusiasm, and encouragement motivated me and significantly shaped my future career aspirations. She undoubtedly contributed to my success and I am very grateful for her mentorship."

Nominated by Lydia Schneider, MD

Salvia Jain, MD

"Dr. Jain is the epitome of someone who shatters the glass ceiling. Through hard work and kindness to all those around her, she has excelled in her own career. Even more impressive is how she treats all those around her. She is the best mentor anyone could ask for. She cares deeply about her mentees in a way we couldn't even have dreamed of. She spends hours of her free time every weekend coaching, counseling, and guiding. Her patients love her, the staff loves her, and she is a cornerstone of the culture of our program. I could not be more grateful for her."

Nominated by Nazila Shafagati, MD

Tisa Johnson-Hooper, MD, FAAP

"Dr. Johnson-Hooper was selected as a Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) Scholar. She is a passionate, unwavering force dedicated to improving global access to high-quality, comprehensive healthcare for children with special health care needs."

Nominated by Lee Beers, MD

Nadimire Jules-Dole, MD

"Dr. Jules-Dole was selected as a Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) Scholar. She is a passionate advocate and collaborator for child and adolescent mental health who creates interconnected community systems of care to promote the optimal growth and development of youth."

Nominated by Lee Beers, MD

Naz F. Khan, MD, MBA

"Dr. Khan is a family physician who is passionate about equity and diversity in the workforce and healthcare leadership. She is recognized as an excellent clinician, educator, and patient advocate with a proven record of success and is known for creating a culture of accomplishment and collaboration. Her work is uncovering and encouraging actions to provide cost-effective, medically appropriate health care while closing gaps for marginalized populations."

Nominated by Margot Savoy, MD

Jody H. Lack, MD

"Dr. Lack is a gifted leader. She uses her leadership positions as...the Associate Program Director for Pediatrics and Division Director of Pediatric Hospital Medicine to uplift and encourage all she leads. She is a strong supporter of women in medicine. Her courage and resilience personally and professionally inspire me."

Nominated by Vidhya Prakash, MD

Donald H. Lee, MD

"Dr. Lee is an outstanding example of a physician who has made a tremendous impact on the lives of countless trainees during his well-rounded career in research, clinical care and service. He singlehandedly started a unique surgical outreach to provide free surgeries to uninsured patients, and actively involves trainees in this important work...His sponsorship and mentorship have been irreplaceable in my scholarship development and pursuit of a career in academic medicine."

Nominated by Kaitlyn Reasoner, MD

Tiffany I. Leung, MD, MPH, FACP, FAMIA, FEFIM

"Dr. Leung is a Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) Scholar who is changing the profession of medicine through her leadership, commitment to DEI and innovative use of medical informatics."

Nominated by Susan T. Hingle, MD


Tamorah Lewis, MD, PhD

"Dr. Lewis was selected as a Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) Scholar. She is a catalyst for radical equity and liberation, and is committed to advancing Health Justice, and ensuring an anti-racism lens in medical care, training, and research."

Nominated by Lee Beers, MD

Tiundra Love, DO

"Dr. Love is a Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) scholar who is positively impact the profession of medicine through her commitment to her patients and to equity, diversity and inclusion."

Nominated by Susan T. Hingle, MD


Timothy McAvoy, MD

"Dr. McAvoy has been an essential mentor and friend for many years of my professional life. He has guided and supported me through opportunities in organized medicine and helped me think about work-life balance and family engagement in my activities. Endlessly positive, wise in advice."

Nominated by Tosha Wetterneck, MD

Miranda Mitchell, MD

"Dr. Mitchell is a Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) Scholar who has incredible potential to impact the future of medicine through patient care, education, and advancing equity."

Nominated by Susan T. Hingle, MD


Priscilla M. Mpasi, MD, FAAP

"Dr. Mpasi is inspirational for so many reasons. She is a staunch advocate for medical students, and serves as a professional mentor for many students. She is an engaged member of the AMA Minority Affairs Section and the National Medical Association, professionally upholding the bridge between both organizations. Most important is what an incredible pediatrician Dr. Mpasi is. Her work speaks for itself as her love for children, the field of pediatrics, and advocacy at all levels is palpable when with her."

Nominated by Bukky Akingbola, DO

"Dr. Mpasi is a staunch advocate for gender and racial equity as she promotes leadership development for women in medicine. She aims to promote diversity in medicine through national collaboratives and programmatic efforts for women to create their own spaces and leadership advancement opportunities."

Nominated by Kassandra Scales, MD

Amy Mullins, MD, CPE, FAAFP

"Dr. Mullins is a family physician, effective leader, collaborator, and mentor with a high level of practical clinical practice experience as well as knowledge on quality measures and health systems. She has the unique talent of being able to combine those skills to help peers in their practices, educate and speak to multiple audiences, and impact the policy process…She is an inspiration to colleagues, residents, students, and to all those she helps educate."

Nominated by Julie Wood, MD

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