Women Physicians

Inspiration Award honoree listings, last names A-H

Janet Albers, MD

“Janet Albers, MD, is an inspiring leader and role model. As a department chair, she has supported budding leaders and is responsible for the promotion of countless faculty. Dr. Albers was especially supportive when I took on a new leadership role, providing words of encouragement, sharing her wisdom, and offering guidance. We need more like Dr. Albers!”

Nominated by Vidya Prakash, MD

Erin Baldwin, MD

“Erin Baldwin, MD, is the medical director of the resident continuity clinic and an associate program director of the Internal Medicine residency. Taking on these challenges so early in one's career may be daunting to some, but not to Dr. Baldwin! She’s a born leader who is willing to work on new policies, develop teaching tools, and bring improved care to a deserving population served by the clinic. Dr. Baldwin is an inspiration every day for her staff, her patients, and her learners.”

Nominated by Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD

Julie Byerley, MD, MPH

“Julie Byerley, MD, has been an exceptional sponsor throughout my career. She sincerely seeks out the interests of those around her, aligns them with complementary coworkers, and pools resources to support their work. She then steps back, allowing teams to create and succeed. She has continued to do this from afar after we both changed institutions. She is an ideal role model!”

Nominated by Sarah Smithson, MD

Arlene Chung, MD, MACM, FACEP

“Arlene Chung, MD, deserves recognition for their exceptional mentorship, unwavering support, and inspiring guidance. Her impact on others' lives is profound and invaluable. She has gone above and beyond to help others succeed and has made a significant difference in their personal and professional growth.”

Nominated by Mahlaqa Butt, DO


Holly Danneman, MD

“Holly Danneman, MD - I have never met someone that inspired me so strongly to put my best foot forward. She has shown me that it is possible to give 100% to multiple things at once. After seeing her be so adored by her coworkers, family, and community all at once, I believe that I can really do it all.”

Nominated by Jade Nicely


Deepika Devuni, MD

“Deepika Devuni, MD, is a Transplant Hepatologist and Associate Professor of Medicine. She has excelled in her practice in a male-predominant field and has been recognized on multiple leadership boards in the field of transplant. She is a supporter of trainees and involved in medical education as well.”

Nominated by Katherine Cooper, MD


Patricia Dickmann, MD

“Patricia Dickmann, MD, embodies compassion and humanism working with some of the most complex patients - veterans struggling with substance use disorders and homelessness. She navigates these social and medical complexities with brilliance, grace, and kindness. She is a fierce advocate for her patients, a role model, and a leader. She inspires me every day.”

Nominated by Baila Elkin, MD

Alisa Duran, MD

Alisa Duran, MD, inspired me to pursue internal medicine, teaching me the joys of diagnostic complexity and treatment, and modeling compassion and connection with patients. I had so much imposter syndrome as a first-generation college student, and Dr. Duran encouraged me, guided me in residency applications, and has continued to support me in residency.”

Nominated by Baila Elkin, MD

Elora Friar, MD

"Since I first took on a leadership role in AMA, Elora Friar, MD, has been a constant source of encouragement and support. She has taken many of under her guidance and has built up Region 4 of the Medical Student Section (MSS) incredibly during her time in leadership. Even as a PGY-1, she is still active with the MSS and a source of guidance and encouragement for its leaders. She is truly graceful and outstanding in all she does."

Nominated by Amber Shirley

Katrina Green, MD, FAAEM

"Katrina Green, MD, is an Emergency Medicine physician whose passion for patient care goes beyond the emergency department walls. As co-chair of the American Medical Women’s Association’s Advocacy Committee, she is a stalwart supporter of reproductive health. Instrumental in organizing rallies and drafting opinion editorials, she meets with elected officials and organizations to inform, educate, and garner support to include reproductive health into every aspect of community health. She recognizes the health of a community is essential to its success and that reproductive health is health care. Dr. Green is a mentor and role model to her colleagues and learners alike."

Nominated by Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD

Keow Mei Goh, MD

“Keow Mei Goh, MD, is an incredible surgeon, mentor, and champion for diversity. She goes above and beyond to help students at all levels of the physician pipeline. She has empowered me to pursue urology concurrent with my passion for equity work. A true inspiration, Dr. Goh epitomizes excellence in medicine.”

Nominated by Susanna Wang


Tracey Henry, MD, MPH, MS, FACP

“Tracey Henry, MD, has been a phenomenal mentor, coach, and sponsor since I began medical school. She has been instrumental in my success by providing opportunities for scholarship and research. She has also personally supported my academic career and served as a role model personally and professionally.”

Nominated by Oreoluwa Olakunle


Tamara Huson, MD

“Tamara Huson, MD, extended mentorship to me not only as a medical assistant but as a medical student as well. I had the privilege of working and learning under Dr. Huson and her immense depth of knowledge and compassion regarding patient care. It is with utmost enthusiasm that I nominate her for this award. Her commitment to excellence, compassionate patient care, and dedication to teaching have been invaluable in shaping my growth as both a medical assistant and medical student.”

Nominated by Jared Barrilleaux