Women Physicians Section (WPS) Inspiration Award

Heather L. Paladine, MD, MEd, FAAFP

"I have worked with Dr. Paladine in various state and national organizations since I was a resident. She has been an amazing mentor, often involving me in projects that I am very proud to have contributed to. She not only mentors me, but many other students, residents, and young attendings, often women and minorities. She keeps so many young physicians and future physicians engaged in policy, advocacy, and education... I am honored to count her as a mentor."

Nominated by Jane Simpson, DO

Deepti Pandita, MD

"Dr. Pandita is a CHIO and first-ever female program director of an ACGME-accredited Clinical Informatics fellowship. She is a distinguished leader, role model, influential mentor and sponsor, and inspiring physician-informatician who enriches the clinical informatician pipeline and communities."

Nominated by Tiffany Leung, MD

Bhavika K. Patel, MD

"Dr. Patel mentored me for the last two years, introducing me to the world of research and helping me to complete my first author publication…She is kind, open and honest and makes every effort to support students and to answer questions and offer advice about being a woman in medicine, a mother, a researcher and a physician. She is an inspiration to me and many others."

Nominated by Taylor Viggiano (student)

Liise-Anne Pirofski, MD

"Dr. Pirofski is the most incredible woman, mentor, physician, and scientist. She lead an Infectious Disease division in the heart of COVID pandemic in the hardest hit borough of [the] Bronx with incredible grace and poise. She pioneered national effort to use convalescent plasma in treatment of COVID-19. She is a true inspiration and role model for all physicians."

Nominated by Inessa Gendlina, MD

Kristen E. Rojas, MD, FACS

"Dr. Rojas is a fellowship-trained breast surgical oncologist and board-certified gynecologic surgeons who uses her background in women's health and cancer expertise to address the sexual sequelae of treatment. She is also the best mentor ever and gives students the tools to succeed. After working with Dr. Rojas, I feel much more prepared to go into clinical settings and research settings and she really has made me a better student and future doctor."

Nominated by Sanjana Satish (student)

Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD

"Throughout her career, Dr. Sánchez-Wohlever has worked to increase the confidence and courage of women physicians across the country, using her skills as a speaker and writer to empower them to become instruments of positive change, obtain joy in the practice of medicine and achieve greater meaning in life. She is committed to transforming the culture of medicine."

Nominated by Julie Wood, MD

Kemia M. Sarraf, MD, MPH

"Dr. Sarraf is an inspirational innovator. She has created community engagement programs, trauma-informed coaching and is a DEI warrior."

Nominated by Susan T. Hingle, MD


Xinshu She, MD, MPH

"Dr. She was selected as a Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) Scholar. She is a passionate Global Health pediatrician-educator who creates innovative, collaborative solutions to empower children to achieve their full potential, especially in underserved communities."

Nominated by Lee Beers, MD

Sayantani B. Sindher, MD

"Dr. Sindher is a valuable educator and role model for her colleagues and staff… Her devotion and commitment to mentorship is outstanding. She is a fantastic teacher, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Her passion for research and work ethic will drive her towards a successful career in the field of allergy and immunology."

Nominated by Kari Nadeau, MD

Gail Skowron, MD

"Dr. Skowron has been an inspiration, mentor, role model and enduring friend to countless women physicians. An infectious disease expert of extraordinary breadth and depth, Dr. Skowron was an early pioneer in HIV clinical care and research, and an expert in antiretroviral therapy and immunology, at a time when the field did not always welcome women's leadership."

Nominated by Lynn Taylor, MD

Shlee Sang-Hyun Song, MD

"Dr. Song is the epitome of grace, empathy, and leadership. She has been a voice of reason for the residents, and, personally for myself, she has been my role model and mentor for the past 10 years. Dr. Song is the reason I am a doctor today, and she is an inspiration to all female physicians in our department."

Nominated by Jessica Choi, MD

"Dr. Shlee Song is a model for Neurology residents, fellows, and all of the stroke program's staff members. She is enthusiastic, empathic, and driven, and effortlessly executes Stroke Director duties while remaining a mentor for residents and fellows alike. No award exists that could truly acknowledge the impact she has made on us all."

Nominated by Neda Mofrad, MD

Véronique Taché, MD

"Dr. Taché is an inspiring role model and dedicated maternal-fetal-medicine provider. She constantly advocates for residents, brainstorming innovative ways to keep us healthy and connected with one another during the pandemic. She is an empathetic listener but also is realistic with residents, which truly pushes us while making us feel heard. She has been one of the best mentors I have encountered."

Nominated by Claudia Lopez, MD

Gladys Palacio Velarde, MD

"She is the reason why I chose to pursue Cardiology in the U.S. Someone who inspired me and demonstrated how you can be an excellent clinician, mother and give back to your community."

Nominated by Katia Bravo Jaimes, MD


Julia Vermylen, MD, MPH

"Dr. Vermylen was selected as a Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) Scholar. She is dedicated to transforming the culture of medicine by reshaping organizational policies and procedures to support and promote historically marginalized people in medicine."

Nominated by Lee Beers, MD

"Dr. Weisshaar is the reason I went into heart failure and transplant. I met her as a medical student doing an away rotation in 1998. [For] 23 years she has been a role model and advisor for me as a new mother and busy physician."

Nominated by Esther Shao, MD

Linda C. Wendell, MD

"'Eyes on the prize' is what Dr. Wendell would say when I came to her tearful for being overworked, feeling misunderstood, and almost wanting to quit. Her confidence and positive attitude about her work embodied what I want to be. She puts her heart and mind into taking care of patients, and puts so much love and soul into her family. She embodies the work-life balance that is happiness in medicine."

Nominated by Aleksandra Yakhkind, MD

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