Women Physicians

Inspiration Award honoree listings, last names N-Z

Women Physicians Section (WPS) Inspiration Award
Caesa Nagpal, MD

“Caesa Nagpal, MD, has positively impacted past and present resident trainees and medical students. I am lucky to now call her colleague and friend. She leads by example, providing excellent clinical care to her patients, encouraging and supporting interdisciplinary staff, while also proving that work-life balance is achievable. Altogether a role model.”

Nominated by Alexandra Duran, MD


Susan Nelson, MD

"Susan Nelson, MD, is the perfect example of a leader. She navigates the executive leadership and political world with confidence and a mission; mentors junior level female faculty with generosity, and advocates for vulnerable populations with compassion. I have never met someone who calmly operates in all of those realms with such grace and skill. She has changed the healthcare trajectory of the state of Louisiana and our country. I am so grateful for her!"

Nominated by Kathy Jo Carstarphen, MD

Adesuwa Olomu, MD, MS, FACP

"Adesuwa Olomu, MD, is a professor of Medicine who has trained in three countries, raised five boys with her physician husband, established herself as an NIH-funded researcher focusing on ambulatory management of diabetes and comorbidities to decrease morbidity and mortality, and holds numerous leadership roles.  Her intellect, curiosity and energy are boundless.  She inspires me every day with her dedication."

Nominated by Heather Laird-Fick, MD

“Dr. Olomu is known for her exceptional leadership in promoting women's diversity and inclusivity within the medical field. She is a dedicated researcher and medical doctor who specializes in providing compassionate care to her patients. Her expertise and commitment to patient well-being make her a valuable asset to the medical community.”

Nominated by Ahmed Abubaker, MD

Sandra Raehtz, DO, PhD

“Invested and determined to walk with her residents through challenges and adversity, Sandra Raehtz, DO, is the archetype Attending Mentor. Not only does she make time to listen, she contemplates ways to enhance the Resident academic experience and checks in on her Residents periodically to ensure no one is left behind.”

Nominated by Jenna Dionisio, DO


America Revere, MD

“America Revere, MD, is a surgical resident I met as a M1. That encounter led to a close mentorship and friendship as we have taken on several research projects together. Dr. Revere is supportive of my ideas and always takes my thoughts into consideration. Beyond my personal experience, she is a role model for girls aspiring to be doctors on YouTube and Instagram. She shows that there is room for everyone in medicine and surgery. She made a huge difference in my time in medical school and made me feel so supported as a woman going into surgery.”

Nominated by Samantha Zhan-Moodie

“As an Internist and Sports Medicine specialist, Scarlett Schneider, MD, has been a welcome addition to our Medical Partnership faculty. Moving from Associate Program Director to Medical Director, Dr. Schneider has been essential to the improvement of the musculoskeletal exam education. Her calm, empathetic teaching style is appreciated as she works with our students. In fact, she was awarded the Educator of the Year award. Appreciate her direct way of teaching, her ability to relate to the students, and her willingness to take on additional teaching responsibilities.”

Nominated by Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD

Marisa Serrato, MD

"Dr. Serrato served a pivotal role in my residency education. As the director of college student health at my institution, she showed me first-hand how to make a difference in the lives of emerging adults. She also provided mentorship in the area of complementary and alternative medicine, sparking my interest in this less-well studied area of medicine. Dr. Serrato also supervised my clinical cases, and her guidance and recommendations were formative in my education. Dr. Serrato went above and beyond as a clinician educator and I would like to formally recognize her efforts."

Nominated by Sara Kashani, MD

Lina Sizer, DO

“Liza Sizer, DO, was a breast surgeon who I worked with on my general surgery rotation. The way that Dr. Sizer leads her operating room is nothing short of amazing. Every employee that works with her respects her leadership, because Dr. Sizer respects every single person in the care of her patients. She discusses socioeconomic impacts of surgery with patients and staff alike to put all cases in perspective. She is someone I aspire to be like.”

Nominated by Caitlin Deubell

Lisa Solomon, DO, FASA

“Lisa Solomon, DO, is an excellent mentor and role model. From clinical experiences and valuable career advice to mentoring me through my professional projects, she has always supported me since day one to pursue my passions both within and outside of medicine. Dr. Solomon has been instrumental in shaping my career path to become a future physician who serves the community through compassionate care and innovation. Thank you for being an inspiration!”

Nominated by Aishwarya Nugooru

Teresa Sripada, MD

“Teresa Sripada, MD, mentored me during residency, providing supervision for clinical cases, but also going above and beyond to make me feel welcome and supported in the residency program. She not only shared advice about patients, but also shared personal anecdotes on work-life balance and introduced me to other ambitious women psychiatrists of her generation for professional networking and mentorship. Through her guidance and connections, Dr. Sripada helped me pave a path in private practice as well as a career pivot into women's mental health psychiatry. I am immensely grateful for her mentorship and support.”

Nominated by Sara Kashani, MD

Erin Stevens, MD

“Erin Stevens, MD, deserves so much recognition for mentoring hundreds of residents and students - even on research projects outside her specialty.  She truly thrives on the successes of those around her and her steadfast positive encouragement and support made all the difference to me and countless others.” 

Nominated by Jenny Graber, MD


Jane Sugar, MD

“Jane Sugar, MD, is an active faculty member of general surgery specializing in breast surgery. She has been an encouraging research mentor for me for the past three years and has shown me a true example of what it looks like to do what you love in your career as well as have time to enjoy life.”

Nominated by Deniz Gungor


Jannah Thompson, MD, FPMRS

“As the only female faculty member at our program, Jannah Thompson, MD, went above and beyond to reach out to me (before I even started residency) to extend invitations to welcome me. She guided me into the Society of Women in Urology where I continue to meet outstanding women. She has become a friend who offers guidance on the personal challenges being a female surgeon can present as well as professional mentorship on a regular basis.  She is truly an inspiration and I hope she continues to guide students and residents for many years to come!”

Nominated by Charla Holdren, DO

Yvonne Thornton, MD, MPH

“Yvonne Thornton, MD, is the first African American woman in the United States who was double board certified as a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist. She has led by example, and as such has served as a mentor to myself and others like me to walk in excellence. Her work ethic, her dedication to research and to excellent patient care is a testament as to how a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist should approach the care of the high-risk pregnant patient. She has a plethora of publications, books, speaking engagements, and media to her credit over her illustrious career.”

Nominated by Kecia Gaither, MD

Trent Tipple, MD

“Trent Tipple, MD, taught with a passion that led me to pursue neonatology. I will always remember how he treated students, families, and patients, and I hope to be able to teach, encourage, and support others in the same way.”

Nominated by Kylee Miller


Harpreet Tsui, DO, FACOI

“Harpreet Tsui, DO, demonstrates the qualities of a strong leader, inspiring aspiring internists to reach their full potential. Her guidance, support, and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping the careers of numerous medical students, fostering their growth, and instilling the importance of patient-centered care. Through her mentorship, Dr. Tsui taught her students to appreciate the complexities of medical practice. She emphasizes the importance of staying abreast of medical advancements, maintaining a strong ethical foundation, and embracing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Her mentorship extends beyond medical knowledge, and encourages mentees to prioritize self-care, work-life balance, and personal growth.”

Nominated by Pranati Shah

Nazlee Zebardast, MD

“Nazlee Zebardast, MD, is a phenomenal mentor, experienced ophthalmologist and surgeon, and an incredible research powerhouse. She lifts her mentees up by providing opportunities and pushing them outside their comfort zone, while continuing to support them. She is passionate about inclusion of underrepresented minorities in ophthalmology and works directly to include them in her research lab. She has been an incredible mentor and source of inspiration for me.”

Nominated by Sayuri Sekimitsu