The AMA Women Physicians Section (AMA-WPS) works to increase the number and influence of women physicians in leadership roles and advance women’s health. It has more than 74,000 female members. The AMA-WPS gathered at the 2016 AMA Interim Meeting, in Orlando, Fla., to discuss women’s issues relevant to AMA policy making.

The section’s business meeting and reception began with presentations by Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD, and Lucy Spalluto, MD, the 2015 Joan F. Giambalvo, MD, Fund for the Advancement of Women scholarship recipients. Dr. Rohr-Kirchgraber’s presentation addressed suicide risk, awareness and prevention among women physicians. Dr. Spalluto’s talk explored designing and implementing a module-based educational program to promote the advancement of female faculty in academic medical centers.

The business meeting concluded with a review of the AMA House of Delegates Handbook. The AMA-WPS Governing Council reviewed its positions on various items of business before the AMA House of Delegates that focused on issues of concern to women physicians, medical students and patients.

In addition, the AMA-WPS authored four resolutions that are being considered by the AMA House of Delegates:

  • Resolution 810: “Medical Necessity of Breast Reconstruction and Reduction Surgeries”
  • Resolution 915: “Women and Alzheimer's Disease”
  • Resolution 916: “Women and Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)”
  • Resolution 917: “Youth Incarceration in Adult Prisons”

The AMA-WPS also held a lunch and business meeting for its Associates—women leaders identified by their state or specialty medical societies—featuring updates on important issues related to women physicians. This included a roundtable discussion of how to help women physicians advance in health care leadership.

All female AMA members are automatically members of the WPS. Male AMA members are welcome to opt in.

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