Women Physicians

Women Physicians Section (WPS) policymaking


Members of the Women Physicians Section (WPS) have a unique opportunity to shape AMA policy and action on issues that affect women physicians and patients.

WPS policy in action

WPS resolution leads to creation of AMA guide to help physicians understand the risk and day-to-day challenges of burnout faced by informal caregivers.

Submit a resolution by March 15

Resolutions are due March 15 for the Annual Meeting and Aug. 15 for the Interim Meeting. WPS representatives may submit resolutions for consideration at the Annual and Interim Meetings of the WPS Assembly. The WPS has considered various topics such as gender equity, maternal discrimination, infertility and maternal mortality.

New to the policymaking process? Access our education module, How AMA Policy is Made, to learn how WPS members influence the AMA’s policymaking efforts.

Comment on policy proposals

WPS members are invited to comment on policy proposals in advance of each WPS Assembly meeting via the online member forum. WPS members will receive an email in advance of each meeting with instructions for accessing and participating in the forum.

For the 2024 Annual Meeting:

  • April 5-15: Online member forum is open for comments on WPS resolutions. Your comments will help determine the language for the final resolution draft.
  • April 19-26: Online ratification (approval) of final WPS resolution drafts.

Serve on a WPS policy committee

The WPS House of Delegates (HOD) Handbook Review Committees convene prior to each WPS meeting to review items of business under consideration by the AMA HOD. Volunteer by May 10 for the Annual Meeting and Oct. 14 for the Interim Meeting.

The WPS Policymaking Committee is responsible for generating resolution ideas and working with the WPS delegate and alternate delegate to draft and/or review potential resolutions for the AMA HOD meetings. Individuals joining the committee are requested to make a one-year commitment. There are a limited number of slots available. The last day to join this committee for the 2024-2025 cycle is June 30.

Please complete the WPS Handbook Review Committee volunteer sign-up form by May 10, 2024. Contact WPS to learn more.