November 2021 HOD & Section Meetings

Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates | Nov. 12-16, 2021

Section meetings | Nov. 5-7 and 12, 2021

The November 2021 Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) and the Meetings of the AMA Sections will be held virtually.

Visit this page to stay up to date on meeting agenda, highlights and more.

House of Delegates and reference committee hearings

Delegates will need to log into the virtual platforms, Lumi and Zoom, to participate in the House of Delegates and Reference Committee hearings. Information on understanding how to use and log into platforms, how to join the speaking queue and what to do if you are having technical problems are included.

More information with specific details and links will be posted once available.

Section meetings

The instructions on how to participate in section meetings virtually will be posted once available.

Visit the speakers' page for the most recent speakers' communications and additional information.

In keeping with the defined purpose of this special meeting, all delegates and delegations are strongly encouraged to submit only priority resolutions.

  • Review the Prioritization Matrix (PDF) for what is considered a top priority resolution, high priority resolution, medium priority resolution, low priority resolution and not a priority resolution.
  • The Prioritization Process (PDF) document details the review process of resolutions by the Resolutions Committee (RC).

Access reports and resolutions considered by the House of Delegates as well as reference committee reports and final actions—as they become available.

Materials presented at the special meeting are generated by AMA delegates/delegations, the Board of Trustees, councils and sections.

Business of the November 2021 Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates

The online forums will open in late September for comment on all submitted resolutions and reports. Members are encouraged to use the online forums to facilitate live deliberations. There is no limit on debate via the online forums, however, there will be a limit at the live virtual hearing.

To encourage use of the online forums, reference committees will be instructed to give equal weight to testimony presented in the online forums to that presented at the live hearings.

Visit the section meetings site for information to access agendas, education sessions and more. Registration is now open for the section meetings. Registration deadline is Oct. 24

New to the policy-making process?

Access our Ed Hub™ education module, How AMA Policy is Made, and learn more about the AMA sections, how they contribute to policy-making at the AMA and the process of how ideas from the sections become AMA HOD policy.

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