In a year like no other, the American Medical Association reaffirmed its role as the physicians’ powerful ally in patient care by working aggressively to meet the urgent needs of physicians on the front lines and across the country.

2020 Annual Report

Explore ways the AMA is the physicians’ most powerful ally in patient care.

AMA did this by working to secure billions in federal funding to help them and their practices survive the economic storm of COVID-19; by pushing for the PPE to protect themselves, their colleagues and their loved ones; by developing trusted, evidence-based tools, resources and analysis to sustain their efforts; and by leading the fight for science and data when misinformation and politicization threatened to derail the national response to this pandemic.     Read the 2020 Annual Report to find out how the AMA's efforts contributed to widespread adoption and implementation of telemedicine, advanced equity in medicine, promoted transparency in the development of COVID-19 vaccines, helped physicians overcome burnout and worked through the federal courts to protect international physicians and medical students to bolster our fight against COVID-19.

The American Medical Association—the physicians’ most powerful ally in patient care

  • Represent physicians with a unified voice
  • Remove obstacles that interfere with patient care
  • Lead the charge on confronting today’s public health crises
  • Drive the future of medicine
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