For 173 years physicians and the public have turned to the American Medical Association for leadership and guidance.

2019 Annual Report

Explore ways the AMA is the physicians’ most powerful ally in patient care.

Now more than ever our relevance and stewardship are on display as we lead the way in promoting the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.

Read the 2019 AMA Annual Report to learn more about our work in overhauling coding guidelines, helping curtail unanticipated medical bills, addressing health equity issues, and the many other initiatives, opportunities and collaborations we successfully take on every year.

Our results underscore the AMA’s position as a recognized leader throughout health care. In 2019, the AMA once again demonstrated why physicians look to us to be their powerful ally in patient care and how we continue to:

  • Represent physicians with a unified voice
  • Remove obstacles that interfere with patient care
  • Lead the charge on confronting today’s public health crises
  • Drive the future of medicine


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