You are why we fight

The AMA is your powerful ally, focused on addressing the issues important to you, so you can focus on what matters most—patients.

Fighting for Physicians: Our Priorities

Reforming Medicare payment

The AMA is leading the charge to reform the Medicare payment system.

Stethoscope in front of a stately building

Fighting scope creep

The AMA is defending the practice of medicine against scope of practice expansions that threaten patient safety.

Three in a row game with medical pills

Fixing prior authorization

The AMA is challenging insurance companies to eliminate care delays, patient harms and practice hassles.

Reducing physician burnout

As the leader in physician well-being, the AMA is removing administrative burdens and providing real-world solutions to help physicians rediscover the Joy in Medicine™.

Health care worker using computer at desk in hospital

Making technology work for physicians

From AI implementation to EHR adoption and usability, the AMA is working to make sure technology is an asset to physicians—not a burden.

We will meet this challenge—together. #FightingForDocs