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Meeting overview

Pursuant to the unanimous action of the AMA Board of Trustees (BOT) on April 25, 2020, a Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) was held on Sunday, June 7, 2020. This Special Meeting was convened on a virtual platform.

This Special Meeting only included the presidential inauguration, elections and essential business of the House.

AMA Pledge against Racism

At the meeting, the AMA Board of Trustees pledged action to confront systemic racism and police brutality.

AMA Board of Trustees pledges action against racism and police brutality

Election results

Visit the AMA elections page for the results of the 2020 election.

AMA’s 2020-2021 Board of Trustees

The American Medical Association (AMA) introduced the 21 members of its Board of Trustees for the coming year following elections held during the Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates.

Business of meeting

View Board and council reports, the handbook and other items considered by the House during the Special Meeting.

View the official call to Special Meeting of the House of Delegates (PDF), the Speakers' April 21 update (PDF) on the conduct of the meeting and 2020 election information and the Special Meeting FAQs (PDF).

Review the annotated reference committee report (PDF) from the Special Meeting.

Election results

Elections results


♦ Gerald E. Harmon, MD

Board of Trustees

♦ David H. Aizuss, MD

♦ Willarda V. Edwards, MD, MBA

♦ Ilse R. Levin, DO, MPH

♦ Thomas Madejski, MD


Council on Constitution & Bylaws

♦ Pino D. Colone, MD

Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs

♦ Larry E. Reaves, MD

Council on Medical Education

♦ Cynthia A. Jumper, MD, MPH

Council on Medical Education, resident

♦ David J. Savage, MD, PhD

Council on Medical Service

♦ Erick A. Eiting, MD, MPH, MMM

♦ Steven Chen, MD, MBA

♦ Lynn Jeffers, MD, MBA

Council on Medical Service, resident

♦ Megan L. Srinivas, MD, MPH

Council on Science & Public Health

♦ Alexander Ding, MD, MS, MBA

♦ David Welsh, MD, MBA

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